Montana or Oregon?

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  1. And deep mine shafts.
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  2. Neighbor of mine in Ketchikan back in the 80's had a VW Bug. Often, it was the only vehicle on the block that could make it anywhere due to snow.
  3. Thanks again for all of the opinions and advice. I'm pretty excited about a trip to the legendary Big Sky country. I've even talked a non fishing buddy into going with me, just by telling her how amazing it's going to be. I never take any time off work, but ocasionally, we have these random three day weekends. So that's what I'm going to use for my drive all night hell bent for trout road trip.
    Anyways, thanks again...and hey, anybody have any advice on patterns? I'd really love to catch a wild Montana trout on a dry. Who doesn't?
    By the way, I'll be taking my super dorky minivan, so I'm not too stressed about the junkie break in factor. I think I'm the only one that can stand the stench of that vehicle.
  4. If you want to fish dries, the Blackfoot isn't you best bet this time of year. The Bitterroot, on the other hand, gets great fall baetis hatches and you might have mahoganies and fall drakes around. Be prepared to get your butt kicked by picky fish though. And it's good nymphing too.

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