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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Nate Dutton, May 29, 2014.

  1. I appreciate the responses guys even if the information isn't the best for me. Rescheduling is a possibility, hitting on the way back through which would be mid july. Fishing extremely marginal water is basically my other option. The problem is that I'm not the only shot caller anymore, there is a woman involved................... I will keep you guys posted, looks like I should have stayed home and fished Shee fish on the Kobuk...oh well.
  2. There's always something getting in the way of a fishing trip.
  3. Stop at Georgetown on the return trip in mid-July; I'll likely be there then, Nate. Turn the little lady loose to go to Philipsburg; you can fish Damsels in the day & giant Caddis in the evening. She'll probably have a good time wandering around that small town.
  4. Go to the park and fish. Find spots that arent 5 feet from the road. Its high but you can generally always find good water. Drive from west through the south entrance and you will find good water. Farther in the park = better clarity. Try not to kill the foreigners bring some bear spray and enjoy
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  5. OK so the fishing is bad, when does it usually get better? I was thinking of taking the new Clack to the MO in a month.

    Does the fishing get better in late June?
  6. Montana had a good winter this year. Snow packs are well above average. Montana snow makes up 50% of the water in the Mississippi and 50% of the water in the Columbia River. (interesting fact of trivia) I was on the mighty MO last weekend and it did not fish well at 8600, now it's 11,200. The Clark Fork of the Columbia is 37,000 and the creeks are very high. With the temps going up in the 80's Montana moving water will be tough. Georgetown Lake would be a great bet.
  7. Late June is what I wait for. When the water clears to 3 to 4 feet of viability and the water is still a little high, but on the drop, the fish have been pushed to the banks and they are looking for food. The 3rd or 4th weekend in June should be stellar.
  8. Thanks for the info little rod! Much appreciated!

    I was on the Big Horn and Clark Fork around Gold Creek last August and the water levels were LOW. Good to see the water's moving again.
  9. I love catching that first caddis frenzy, usually at the start of the typical early July heat wave. Fishing dries in the dark to fish that have completely lost it is as good as it gets.
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  10. "Sound" versus "Sight" fishing at it's finest!
  11. usually, yes. this year you might think about the beaverhead. there is an epic runoff just starting, and clark cyn is the only resevoir with some room for it.
  12. Well, feeling a little bit like a "Stupid Naysayer":(

    I made my return trip from Billings to Spokane yesterday and was surprised to see the improvement on some of the
    smaller waters along the way. High but decent clarity and definitely fishable.
    The big rivers are still bank full, muddy, and lots of floating debris.

    Daytime temps across the state are forecast to be in the mid 70's for the week with a chance of thunderstorms most
    days so hopefully conditions continue to improve.

    As Trapper said in his post this morning, everybody and their brother and their brother too will be congregated on the
    tailwater fisheries until ???
  13. Take a side trip to Yellowstone: the Firehole is fishing very well, or at least it did last Saturday and Sunday. Stay at the Ho Hum. Despite the smell of cat piss in the office, and the dried cat turd by the ice machine in the office, the rooms are clean and cheap by most standards. The Madison at $3 Bridge was high and off color on Monday, but it fished well. On Tuesday, The MO had come down from 11k to 5k and fished pretty well.
  14. The Mo at Holter is still dropping and clearing -- 2.5 feet since Monday morning. Wade fishermen should have no problem now. The two major upper river tributaries are dropping and clearing. I wouldn't expect much top water activity until the temps come up a bit though. Expect LOTS of company until the rest of the State's rivers clear and drop.

    Water on the west side of the divide look to be peaking but it's going to be a while yet.
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  15. "Turd 'n Worm" ....... awesome!
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  16. Last weekend was the "Yellowstone Half Marathon" for my wife and I.

    :) Followed by a few hours on the Firehole and then on the Madison.

    She out fished me, again. And I hate to admit it but she only caught the one.

    Honestly, I don't care that I didn't catch anything in the few hours we were out, it was beautiful & now I know I need to go back sometime (... and spend more time on the water and less time sucking air... dang running at that elevation is just dumb.) Probably would plan a hike/fishing trip next time, no running.

    Certainly saw a difference in the level of the rivers on the drive in and then the drive out, wish I had taken a few more days off & we could have done some fishing around Montana as well (and I could have brought all that gear for more than a few hours of fishing.) Ah well, doesn't matter, 'cause now the wife is hooked and is already talking about a return trip :D
  17. When I first moved here to Montana I had a hard time breathing. I came here from Sea level to living above 5000'. It's quite a change in how you live. Now that I've been here a while It's easier on this old man. I fish quite a bit above 7000'.

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