Montana Wolf tags

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  1. Montana just priced their non-resident wolf tags at $50. I read the article this morning in Rich Lander's blog in the Spokane paper.
  2. I wouldn't mind having one on my wall!
  3. I almost had one on an Alberta moose hunt in the early 90's. I was drawing down on one at 300 yards as the guide was saying "don't shoot". He didn't think I could hit it. I should have zoned him out but didn't and didn't shoot.
  4. Watcha need for wolves is Holland & Holland's .700 nitro express double... and somebody stupid enough to pull the triggers. When a .375 H&H will work on a cape buffalo, one wonders what would happen if you got excited when he charged, and accidentally yanked BOTH triggers at once. Each barrel fires a 1,000 grain bullet... Think about that: it's ONE THOUSAND grains. My heavy elk loads are only 180gr. That's not a rifle, it's a shoulder-mounted mortar!!!
  5. I'd shoot it once. I'd like a crack at a wolf too. Hunting while being hunted seems pretty exhilarating.
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  6. Wolf tags are one thing, but they're in addition to the license, which is usually 10 times the price of an resident hunting license, so it ain't cheap. That being said, we could consider this next year: I'd like a wolf for my gun room, and I know a fantastic taxidermist in Rexburg.
  7. "You know what's cool? Huntin' people"- Dan Grant
  8. especially people trying to kill you or your family

  9. I'm 99% certain the only additional license you'd need is a Conservation license. Non-resident is $10. So if all you wanted to hunt in Montana was wolf, you'd pay a total of $60. Depending on your age, you might have to provide proof of a hunter safety course.
  10. that's worth looking into! I'm sure you need the Conservation License, but I don't know about the hunting license itself. You're spot-on about the hunter ed course; before 1970-something, you're ok.
  11. Hunters Ed and 1970 something. Dang... I was chasing wild wimmin and crashing motorcycles on Guam then. No hunter safety card here.
  12. Man, Bill; you must be really a kid! I'd already been "stewed, screwed & blued" in the service by then!:D
  13. Did you see the t.v show that was supposed to be the first ever wolf hunt and kill on t.v in Montana? Looked like to me the hunt is very challenging.
  15. I hunted upland birds in Montana this past fall--my non-resident license was $120 total--I already had paid my conservation fee with my fishing license.
  16. Let me know if you guys need a place to stay or some Beta on where to start, seems I see more dog sign while looking for elk than I find hoof tracks the last couple years. You know they have been selling tags in boxes of 20 for many years now.
  17. I'd go back and slay a wolf in my old home state. Lessee . . . Hunter's Safety . . . what did I do with that card after Jim Bridger told me I passed?

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