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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Michael Thompson, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. im not sure if the idea of a photo thread was shot down, or simply forgotten so i will throw one out, and maybe the thread will take off, cuz i liked the idea.

    attached is the token beverage scenery shot.
  2. [​IMG]
    great idea :thumb:
  3. Well, I like the token beverage shot. Here's one of my favorites-sea run cuttie.
  4. leroy im gonna paint my car like that fish.

    larry that cutthroat pic is awesome.
  5. Can it be a scenic? How about a pic I took last week for a classic Bellingham sunset?
  6. a little brookie
  7. Gotta love Glacier...

  8. [​IMG]
    Indian drift boat

    Indian (chinese) fishing nets.

    Sorry guys no new fishing pictures. These are low quality because the computer in India are not good. I'm going fishing for GT sat and sun. maybe i'll have something fishy after that.
  9. i dig this photo i think it would be even better sepia toned though. this composition has an odd but nice balance to it, placing the fisher on the far right with so much negative space (if i can call it that) to the left really lets my eye explore the scene, while the soft DOF slowly leads me back to the fisherman.
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  10. Not fishing related but here are a couple HDR photos from my trip to India.


    Yaggapa hotel in Kodaikkanal


    Palace in Madurai


    Stairs in Kodaikkanal


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  11. Which HDR program?
  12. Photomatrix. student discount!
  13. WOW those are sweet looking photos
  14. Gotta love daughters.
  15. Nice Riffle!
  16. Csquadder, you should get promoted to B the stair photo, sweet! :thumb:
  17. Thanks. I'm actually shootin' for the JV team, we'll see how things go steelheading this fall.

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