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  1. that is onnnnnnnne tempting photo. Nice work. Polarized filter obviously? It's amazing there's not a single water refraction. It's like they're floating in mid air.
  2. A quick shot of my dog.
  3. Very nice...
  4. You call that a dog? This is a dog.................

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  5. oH GREAT, we have finally made it to pet pictures. :)
  6. lot's of great shots here! cool!
  7. two fishermen.........................
  8. LOL not sure if that is a dog Kerry. That thing is terrifying.
  9. Sweet shot!
  10. Darwin's Strainer

  11. Me thinks a Canon flash was involved in this scenario, LOL
  12. the light looks pretty like bright sunlight, based on the highlights and the almost clipped shadows. i dont see any secondary highlights from a flash, aside from one possible in the coffee.

    f4 or so, 1/2000th of a sec? iso between 400-800?
  13. One of my favorite places.
  14. ww doing what ww does.

    Grande Ronde '11
  15. [​IMG]
    Columbia river quail.
  16. yeah , but why does he have to do it right after I've fished the run
  17. [​IMG]
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    One from this past summer, on one of the two days I went to the Madison. Unfortunately this fish got away.
  18. been a few years since Ive posted anything or hung out here. Maybe I will post a few of my favorite river shots to get the ol juices flowing.



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