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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Michael Thompson, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Another Heron shot from this morning.......

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  2. Grant Richie

    Grant Richie Member

    Excellent shots Randall and Kerry.

    What length of lens are you shooting to get those shots of the herons? Cropping much?
  3. iceman2k

    iceman2k New Member

    Few photos from the past few weeks.


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  4. NewTyer1

    NewTyer1 Banned or Parked

    You guys take such beautiful photos, I would be ashamed to post my picks after seeing these. You obviously aren't using point and shoot cameras
  5. saffman

    saffman Member

    South San Juans, CO at approx 9300' elevation CIMG1201.JPG CIMG1203.JPG CIMG1225.JPG
  6. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Fall colors haven't started yet but still a nice morning on the Sauk.....
  7. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Come on let see some more pics here.

    From this morning;
    Got high enough to get into the 1st snow of the year.

    A couple of Depression Lake. There were fishing rising everwhere at times. Not a soul in sight. Same with Vogler.

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  8. Blue

    Blue Active Member

    This Cutt had no spots what so ever. Thought it was slick looking
  9. TDub

    TDub Member

    st.joe_larry.png Idaho in September
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  10. Jim_Creek

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  11. Gary Knowels

    Gary Knowels Active Member

    Just spent my 1 hour lunch flipping through this thread. For some reason today was the first time I had seen it and I was amazed by many of the photos on here. Thanks to all the photographers out there!
  12. Randall Dee

    Randall Dee Castaway

  13. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    There were fish rising here, big fish. I don't know what they were but the next time I visit I will be bringing a 6 wt.
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  14. xdog

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    His little brother,


  15. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    To keep this thread going; a water fall on the upper Skagit.
  16. tythetier

    tythetier Fish Slayer

    Dont know if I can compete here, but this was one of the first shots with my Nikon 3100 CSC_0037.JPG
  17. xdog

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  18. Derek Young

    Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

  19. KerryS

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  20. Eyejuggler

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    Beautiful sunset in MA13...end of the world fail. :)