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  1. It's a hard act following humping geckos.

    Here's a crappy shot of a mostly obscured owl, including its face half hidden by a tree. It's an interesting lesson in camouflage. I normally wouldn't have taken this shot, but even through the viewfinder I realized the sunlight on the tree bark seemed to complete the rest of the owl's head.

    Or is it a ghost?

  2. I think it is a cool shot. Makes one wonder how many creatures are missed during a day in the woods. Nice capture.
  3. From this morning while checking out the river. There were about 8 or 9 bulls in the field.

  4. Love the amorous Anolis!
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  5. Having stalked its prey through dense brush culminating in a cunning ambush, the ninja squirrel drags its quarry into the clear where it is fiercely devoured...
  6. In a fit of rage....Alvin the chipmunk ate woody woodpecker
  7. It was pretty weird. Golden mantled ground squirrels are supposed to eat berries, nuts and small insects. This bird (juvenile Swainson's thrush) actually died from a window strike. The squirrel was quite ingenious. It ripped into the bird and ate the seeds, insects and berries from its stomach. I had no idea they were so smart.
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  8. I've seen chipmunks and squirrels do that same thing. I wasn't aware they were after the stomach contents.
  9. [​IMG]

    Upper Skag bull


    Upper Skag Bow.

    No he did not swallow the hook, that is just my 300 gr streamertip in the background...
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  10. This clip has absolutely nothing to do with fishing... well, actually that is a lie. When I go fishing I normally take some scenic shots sans anglers and/or fish.

    I spent the winter sorting my slides into binders so I would have a ghost of a chance finding something I was looking for.

    I decided to build a clip with the Oregon Cascades as the subject. Then I got carried away and decided to spend weeks on a clip of slides taken all over Oregon. It starts on the coast and ends up in the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

    I wanted to show the vast difference in regions in Oregon. Washington is similar with a coast, lakes and rivers.

    This one is my longest one yet at 20 minutes. Eventually I'll cut it down to just the "artistic" shots.

    So, it is long and includes photos taken over 40 years shot by me and Virginia. It includes some pics of our first dog Sage and now our latest dog, Mia. Gin took at least half the photographs. The only shot with a human is one of Gin and Sage to show the size of the tree. Other than that, it is entirely scenery... and some dogs. Sound is included.

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  11. Gene - Very Nice! Thanks.
  12. Random august 2014 039.JPG august 2014 058.JPG august 2014 020.JPG
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  13. [​IMG]

    The Creek
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  14. The end of a nice day
  15. uploadfromtaptalk1411844594658.jpg
    early flight over Tahoe
  16. uploadfromtaptalk1411844712713.jpg
    Sunrise over the Sierra
  17. S Puget Sound Sunrise.jpg Sunrise over Puget Sound
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