More streamer tips for trout?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Builder, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. You should call these the Bridgeport and the Full Sail.
  2. Great ideas! I went to Galloup seminar a couple years ago but am just getting around to trying it.
    The report from yesterday:
    Creek was really low and the sun was a shining. I got to one of my favorite spots at 8 am and nobody was there.
    I used a 7.5 ft 1x leader with my floating line and a medium size weighted tan, yellow and sparkly sculpin looking thing and after some practice casting into the frog water I worked my way into a long inside seam below the chop. Third cast and a healthy brown slammed the streamer on the dead drift , then with his mouth wide open turned and chased it before I freaked out and pulled it away from him. Sheeeeet.
    Caught one 13 incher in the chop before the temps hit 90 degrees and I couldn't find any shady areas.
    I'm going to tool up.
    Thank you,

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  3. Don't you usually offer advice regarding Missoula area fishing as if you were some sore of prophet? And you need streamer fishing advice for Rock Creek?
  4. I have never thrown a streamer in Montana Benjy, or anywhere else. A noob.
  5. Sorry bro. I got you confused with Trustfundfisher or whatever his name is. Yellow and brown streamers, fish them on a floating line. Cast upstream and retrieve fast enough to keep them moving a little faster than the current as they come down stream. Cover a lot of ground working your way upstream never casting to the same place more than once or twice. That is my recipe for success on the creek in the fall. I prefer everything below the Dalles. If they are in a mood you can really rack up some numbers and get some good sized ones too. Fish all of it, they will materialize out of spots that don't look capable of holding them.
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  6. Thank you my man. I was with a guy that didn't want to cover ground. I'm going to try the Blackfoot as well when/if that opens up again. Nice fish in your avatar.

  7. Cool tip. I'll have to give that a shot. I usually let the streamer drop downstream and then make small strips upsteam along the edges. The takes can be vicious. I think I adapted this from my days as a kid letting a rapala drift 50yds downriver and then slow reeling it back under cut banks as such.

    I've never had as much success on a fly rod as I did on the rapalas - so I guess I need to be facing the other way!
  8. I'll second the suggestion to keep moving and cover a lot of river, especially in clear water. If they're going to take it, they'll come a surprising distance to take it. And if not, you've probably put them off after a cast or two anyway.

    As above, I've always cast downstream or down and across and stripped back up, but lately I've started casting upstream more. Feels like it's similar in effectiveness, although the advantage I think to me would be a downstream strip will get my fly down lower. But I gotta agree, the take on an upstream strip is just vicious sometimes. Do you think they really prefer the downstream strip? Look more natural that a sculpin escape downstream along the bottom?

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