Morning Light Show

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Metalonthefly, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. Hit a favorite low tide spot this AM. Was too dark to fish at 5:25, but boy oh boy did nature give me a light show. There was an incredible phosphoresents bloom and I stood in the water and swirled my fly around watching the light streak on my leader and fly. Really awesome!!!

    At one point something swam around my legs and I moved my feet b/c I was slightly freaked out. Best I could tell it was about 18" long (dog fish, SRC, salmon, who knows). I watched the light streak head off into the deep!!

    The best part though was in a school of bait fish came swimming by. Wow!!

    I should have played Dark Side of the Moon on my headphones.

    No salmon, but what an awesome morning.
  2. That's awesome.

    I did a little night swimming with some friends in the sound last summer, and we had the same thing happen. All around us as we swam that phosphorescence was lighting up. Pretty cool to be swimming around in it.

  3. Nice! A buddy was telling me the same thing. Sounds cool.
  4. Wait you fish with headphones?
  5. A few weeks back I walked into about knee deep water a spooked what I believe to have been a good size King. Talk about a light show you could have read a newspaper by the lighting storm he set off. I almost wet the inside of my waders.
  6. I've had this a few times recently as well. Most recently there was a nice current paralleling the beach and it was a cascade of sparkles down current from me. I also experienced a follow from something big that spooked close to my feet . When I turned on my headlight there were the green glows of dogfish eyes all around me.
  7. That was super cool when we saw it last week. Beautiful

  8. I've only seen this a few times and every time I'm simply amazed. Thanks for sharing.

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