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  1. Unfortunately it's a quantity over quality thing. And we've got nothing compared to some of the great lakes guys when it comes to numbers.
  2. Thanks for the moral support guys. I feel much better about myself.
  3. Over the course of around 5 consecutive trips on the Deschutes, I hooked probably 14-15 fish and landed exactly zero (this was a couple of years ago). The next trip out I finally landed one...a very dark buck. of course I lost two others before I landed that one...probably my worst stretch ever of landing percentage, but it sure was memorable...most of them just came unpinned, but a couple broke me off where I was left with just a...."wow"...
  4. Agree with Randall, hell even lost fish count for something. Especially with Steelhead.
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  5. we were fishing a run one day, when Jim Teeny comes down and proceeds to show us where all the fish were laying.
    and by the end of the afternoon, i think he lost/landed somewhere around 20 some odd fish.
    and he was kind enough to give some of his fly's and help me hook up. i think i went 1 for 4 that day.
    some fun. ahh the good old days.

  6. I agree. This is strictly personal, but hooking a fish means I solved the puzzle, and thats the part that keeps me coming back. Sometimes is bums me out to lose a fish, but more often than now get plenty excited.
  7. My sentiments on this are exactly those of my friend Inland. Getting a fish to grab and stay connected for even a very short time is worth the effort to keep steelheading. Harry Lemire used to break off the hook at the bend at times when there were quite a few fish around because he didn't want the hassle of having to land the fish and remove the hook. With the purposely broken hook, he would get the grab and maybe the first run before the broken hook would come free. By doing this, Harry just took the thoughts that Inland and I have to the extreme.
  8. That is cool that Harry did that. Personally, there is something very calming and satisfying for me in releasing a fish.
  9. While I have never gone to the extreme of cutting the point off the hook (at least not on purpose -LOL) I have often fed the fish slack line (most effective to throw a loop downstream) so that the fish can shed the fly. Usually do that after the grab and that first explosion though on occasion I will do the same with a particular large fish before the end game of trying to beach the fish. Much easier on the fish and David said allows me to move on to solving the next "puzzle".

    As I have gotten older fishing has become less about the "numbers" and more about the fish and how I most enjoy interacting with them and the rivers they live in.

  10. So this is sort of like comparing "Yeah I talked to this girl, but nothing ever came out of it"..

    On a lot of levels I feel that you seal the deal, or end up imagining how great you perform..

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