Mountain lion/Cougar??

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  1. Well all in all, I will definitely be more vigilant when i venture out in that area. I will be heading out there later this evening for another round during the evening hatch. I recon 8-11 inch cuts on a 5'9" fiberglass rod are worth risking a little kitty bite. FISH ON!!!!
  2. I wouldn't have thought cougar was good to eat because they're carnivores. Then again, so are trout I suppose.

    I think it's a good idea to carry a knife or pack heat in case of an attack. I carry the knife because survived cougar attacks, historically, often involve a knife. So at least it gives me a good shot at survival in the very rare event that a mountain lion grabs me. The idea that I will survive helps me focus more on fishing and less on listening for the snapping of twigs or rustling in the brush. It also comes in handy for bushwhacking. But mostly it's peace of mind. And to be honest, I'd rather carry the knife and take my chances than fish in places where I know I'll never see a cougar. Carrying the knife is my concession that I'm entering THEIR space and I don't want them removed from it. If cougars that want to wander into human claimed areas could behave in a civil manner it wouldn't be an issue. But they're awful listeners.
  3. I've seen quite a few cougars . . . most were in Montana but I have seen 2 in Washington while wandering around in the outdoors & have called-in 3 here while predator calling/hunting (2 in dry-land eastern WA wheat country which I thought an odd locale to encounter a cougar (well, I WAS within 100-miles or so of Pullman . . . ). THAT will make the hair stand-up on the back of your neck, especially when they come-in behind you. For what it's worth, all quickly departed upon seeing me.
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  4. I carry a flask a couple of cigars and an extra thermal layer for protection.
    Serially, relax... Statistically you had a much greater chance of being in a serious vehicle collision than getting killed by a mountain lion,

    Get a cwp from your local sheriff if your gonna carry. If you do encounter LE like, a traffic stop or a WDFW officer, calmly say you have a cwp and you are armed. Normal LE response is something to the effect of, "thank you, please keep your hands on the steering wheel, where is the weapon." That's if all circumstances are normal to the officer.
    These posts always smell like troll bait to me, don't know why I ignore my better instincts..
    So, Hey what's the Stealheading like in Sacramento? How was the Pink run in Oakland this year? That's a conversation about conservation worth having.
    One last thought ...

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  5. After some research it seems that Ca. has the most mountain lion attacks and fatalities. By such a margin that the list on some sites is broken down by "California" and "other states". Attacks in Washington are super rare. And I was only able to find one fatality from 1924. Historically, coyotes attack more people than cougars. Both coyotes and cougars are much more likely to attack children than adult humans. There are only two coyote related fatalities I could find. And though it's extremely rare for coyotes to attack an adult, one of those fatalities was a 20yo girl in Canada. Mountain lions are more likely to attack adults. And the fatality rate is higher for attacks. But there are much fewer of them.

    And I've never worried about coyotes at all. In fact I've been stalked by coyotes. It made me a little nervous at the time, but then someone I trust on the matter told me that coyotes will just do that. It's sort of like play and the compulsion of instinct. They'll stalk without the end game of attacking. Since they virtually never attack adult people I never gave it another thought. For some reason cougars still scare me though. Probably left overs from my Ca. upbringing where you just hear about cougar attacks sometimes. I guess the cats in Ca. are just over populated and pissed off.
  6. I HATE coyotes! It seems that wherever I set up camp, they have to have their "duels" over that night's kill, 20 yrds from my tent... at 2 am. :mad:

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