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  1. Well, time to move again, such is the life in the Coast Guard. Luckily I actually received orders to something off my list of jobs. We'll be heading to down to Crescent City Ca this summer for a 2 year assignment.

    Sad to be leaving Oregon again, fought hard to get back here in the NW after 4 long years in New Jersey...yuck...

    Excited about the new area, looks like plenty of fishing and exploring options down there with a bunch of rivers and the Klamath mountains near by. Not so sure about Crescent City, I know last I drove through( about 10 years ago) it was sort of a run down place. We may choose to live in Brookings Oregon and commute the 30 minutes each way.

    Does anyone have any insight about the area in general? all feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Crescent city is kind of a run down prison town. Good fishing opportunities though, with the smith, chetco, elk and sixes rivers in the area. I haven't fished those though. I'm a little over an hour south of CC in mckinleyville.

    There's the mad river steelhead, the Trinity inland a bit, and the lagoons, as well as some saltwater options where I live. It actually kind of overwhelming. There are also two lagoons in CC that hold cutts.
  3. As a kid we camped multiple years at Jed Smith SP on the Smith.
    We did quite a bit of fishing on the river with gear and caught some nice fish.
    What a beautiful river and area. The redwood trees are mesmerizing.
    Good luck with your move.
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  4. Well, having worked in the redwood region I really don't want to live there!!

    However, couple of things. Good luck between Oregon and California taxes. They are something special in both states. So if you work in one and live in another make sure you will NOT end up paying BOTH state taxes!!! You cannot afford that!!

    The really bad weather in the area is the summer fogs. Working in it was miserable. However, the extent of the redwoods is pretty close to the extent of the summer fog belt. If you want fairly decent weather get out of the redwood belt and drive down into the fog on a daily basis.

    If I had a choice of where to live......this is how I would chose the area.

    Almost forget...check out the Marble Mountain Wilderness and Trinity Alps. Also you are not that far of a drive from decent weather in Redding and the Sierra's. Sunshine is a major "food" group for me. I cannot live without it.
  5. Cool thanks for the heads up on all. I know that's where Pelican Bay prison is, and it does have a run down sketchy feel to the place. At least that's how I felt 10 years ago driving through. As a military member I get out of a lot of the tax crap, I've been a Washington resident for about 7 years, even though I haven't lived in Washington since2008, and my original home of record was Virginia. We have a good bit of leeway with that stuff. I don't mind driving the 30 minutes from Brookings Oregon if it's going to be a safer community, especially with being gone on a ship all the time.

    The fishing opportunities do look pretty sweet though! Really looking forward to something new, and very thankful I didn't end up back on the east coast!
  6. I live in Northern California and I looooooovvve fishing here! It's beautiful, and in some places, very, very remote. You have to hit The Lower Sacramento River, indicator fishing at its finest. Whiskeytown area is great, the lake, and the streams next to the lake, and those streams have tons of little Redband Trout. One word for California: Amazing.
  7. I have family in Brookings and used to spend my summers there. Having grown up in Ca, I would say stay out of there. Live in Brookings and just drive the 30 minutes if commuting doesn't bother you. Oh man... There is some killer fishing in that area! The Winchuck, Chetco, Smith, Rogue...
  8. echo YellowLab03's comments. My family's been in northern CA for 8 generations, and it's the last place I'd set foot in! The fishing-when i lived there-was going downhill, with waaaay too many idiots connected to a jar of Pautzke's. And the forest isn't safe anymore thanks to the pot grows, especially in Humboldt county. Time was, it was a fantastic place to live and raise a family. Not any more.
  9. People do grow pot down here, but California has the most native trout and some of the best fly fishing in the world. I've grown up here, and I'm not finished growing up here.
  10. To my understanding, the brookings and CC area isn't bad as far as the pot goes. Humboldt, trinity, and Mendocino counties are where the nasty shit is. And the reports aren't exaggerated. The pot scene is bad down here. Just get on Google maps and you can spot all the grow sites.
  11. It's true NW California has a lot of pot growing areas, but everywhere else is pretty good. North East California has awesome fishing! Gotta check it out.
  12. I like Brookings It was on our short list when we were making a move.
    We went a different direction but we will be spending some time there in the summer.
    Good luck with your move and thanks for keeping our coast safe.

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