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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Gary Thompson, Sep 23, 2013.

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    The mighty Mo kicks ass, pics say it all.
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  2. bonk that native

    Just looks like big trout to me
  3. It even has sea lice;)
  4. Nice stringer! The mods should move this over to the Bubba thread.
  5. I can tell by the angle of the wound that he definitely shot that fish while it had its back turned. I would know too, I watch Dexter.
  6. The Mighty Mo is great, especially when fish like these end up on stringers.
  7. Yes, just a big trout.
    In this place on the river you can keep one over 18" or five total if you can catch four under 18"
    Between my son and I we didn't catch any under 18".
    Fished pictured was 22"
  8. That mighty beard kicks ass! Don't worry guys, the Missouri won't run out of fish anytime soon.
  9. I see you still have your puppy fishing with you.
  10. Looks like retirement agrees with you, Gary. Good for you!
  11. Hey OMJ
    I wanted to get down to see ya, but time was short.
    Keep fishing my friend.
    My only complaint about retirement is the cost of fuel, more time than fuel $
  12. You need to plan what you do. Me, I go fishing at the spur of the moment or the drop of a hat.
  13. So many rivers, lakes, ponds, so little gas money
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  14. This is why every trout fisher ought to fish rivers in Montana such as the Missouri and Big Horn at least once in their lifetime. Fish like this are fairly commonly caught on dry flies. This is why I refer to Montana as "trout heaven".

    And for those fishing large (i.e. #2 to #4/0) streamers and sculpin imitations, there are fish well into the 20 pound range available, you just have to find those big hogs and hope your tippet doesn't break.
  15. Did you retire to soon????? Gas in Montana is close to 3.50 a gallon. It's been coming down. At certain stations you get 5 cents off a gallon if you pay cash.
  16. I paid $3.81 gal. in Helena for diesel, average here in Wenatchee is $4.00
    The dry fly fishing while I was there was poor.
    Nymphing was the game.
    Forest had a big brown break him off using a big black leach I had tied. I was proud of my tie and the fish.
    20 lb. browns for sure, maybe even 30 lb. browns. Monster walleye also, burbot over 40".

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