Mulberry hatch on in the Bonneville pool.

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Paul Huffman, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. I caught a bunch of carp Sunday along the Bonneville pool. The wind was blowing, the trees were shaking, and the mulberries were dropping. I had a three deer hair mulberry flys and found surface feeding fish under each tree I came to. Nothing huge, although I had one break off the 13 lb. tippet. The first one was 10 lbs., one was 8, the rest were 6 lb. I think the pond has become too hot for the big fish.

    Two guys were fishing the west end flats when I arrived, but I didn't encounter them. Maybe they exited the west end of the pond. When I got to the flats, all I found were shoals for sun bankers, mostly some commons, but a couple large grassies. No feeders. Those two guys might have left disappointed. Should have been fishing the trees!
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  2. Well that sounds like fun, Paul!
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  3. Heck yeah. There's only one tree around this area, and unfortunately it's nowhere near the river. I actually stopped there today, but was disappointed there were no berries left. They're usually ripe by June and close to or gone by now. The rare dry fly opportunities for carp I get are cottonwood seed on banks.

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