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  1. Yup. I also "got" the combo to the vault(s).

    Last point: Throw the Second Amendment under the bus. I wonder which one goes under next? First? Third? Does it really matter as the USA crumbles into a socialist state "headed" (note that I refrained from using "led") by "royalty" (who will ever be protected by folks with "guns." Lord, but I detest double-standards.).

    We'll agree to disagree. As always Boot . . . I wish you well. Pax . . . et veritas.
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  2. In three words: "ALL of them." Finis.
  3. BINGO! Best response of the year! Well done, Jim.
  4. I'll show you mine, Boot! We're not jammed into some city; have no problems with the above. We don't get sucked into the orchestrated dramatic bullshit created by Hollywood idiots, and don't feel the need to be "connected" to all the other drama queens in the world. it's a great life! But, thanks to my parents, I learned how to make appropriate decisions. I had both parents, unlike what seems to be the majority of people (young people) today. Everybody likes to badmouth the "Leave it to Beaver" lifestyle, but that lifestyle didn't produce the mass murderers we have running loose today, did it. Nobody made "Hannibal Lecter" movies, nobody rhymed about "ho's in da hood", and nobody took drugs to prevent them from wise-assing in class. Now look at the mess out there! Who knows, maybe it's processed food (or too many twinkies!).
  5. Good points, ye bonnie Scot. And so it goes . . . what a concept . . . don't address the root of the problem; hell, don't EVEN acknowledge it. Instead prescribe and (in the case of WA & CO), legalize drugs. And folks wonder why we're in trouble . . . kinda like pouring white gas on the fire to put it out . . .
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  6. Haven't you two heard? Everyone else is responsible for the way an individual acts. Funny, we ease (throw) God out of more and more of our society and we put more drugs, greed, porn, etc. in.

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  7. Evidently I haven't heard, Karl . . . for I still pray every day and read the Bible. Dad taught me to be responsible, Dad gave me a love of God & dogs . . . I bought it . . . and I THANK him every day for that legacy. My Kids have been raised in-kind.
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  8. Alex-

    Everyone on this board is hopefully right there with you. Even discussions like this help nail that sense of community home yet more. The fact of the matter still remains, gun deaths, including by suicide are on the rise. Everyone here who keeps there guns locked, and teaches their kids right, and knows wrong from right, and doesn't battle demons that's what we want and expect. Problem is, that's not what's happening. Upton had it right, families/individuals should be stepping up and taking charge. A lot of them don't. Folks are offing themselves. Good, decent folks with guns (those are your guys) get it done in less than a second. More than criminals shooting others. That's a huge cost to all of us. Alls I am saying is monetize the risk, assess competency. Call me naive, but I believe that is the first step in decreasing the burden of death and disability here.

    Even if we cleaned up all the asshats shooting each other, perpetrating firearms based crime, hung em all, gunowning households are disproportionally going to have more problems with firearms based death and disability than those without.

    I'm not saying take guns away, not saying you guys are a bunch of criminals. Not saying take the second amendment away either (as for amendments which are worth dying for- pretty much all of them are solid excepting the 20th, 22nd and 27 ...particularly the 27th, it's totally lame and if you'd die for that then your brand of fundamentalism is truly weird

    You'd never ask me to pay your cigar tax. I'd never ask you to pay my Scotch tax. I'd share it with you no problem though. I don't want to pay for your fellow gunowner's (or their families) inability to do what Upton laid out above. I already do, you do too, but I don't want to....

    Anyway, I said my piece. I think we get where we are all coming from. I'd fish with y'all any day and have a blast doing it, I hope that experience would be mutual. Thank you all for a civil discussion.

    (trying to think of some latin but screw it, I got work to do...Pax Out...)
  9. Ex cogitatione veniet rationis . . . I once believed my vocation to be that of the priesthood . . . then Latin became English, guitars appeared in church, priests quit the priesthood, and I discovered the fairer sex. What can I say? Spiritus quidem promptus caro vero infirma (I needed help with this one . . . thank God I still retain volumes of textbooks, lol.). And I'd share with you also, Boot; and I'd defend your right to express your beliefs . . . you long-ago joined a very specific list of WFF members I'd like to meet someday. To put it in Montana-speak: "You're one to ride the river with . . . "
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  10. You've been watching too much MSNBC
  11. I say we lay this dead horse in the ground. We've all said our minds (what little we have left) and it's time for a new subject. How about a Canyon Creek shoot or a trap outing somewhere? Boot is invited also...but all we can talk about is fish, birds, and dogs, no gun talk unless it's drooling over Alex's doubles.
  12. I'm in, but only if you'll help wipe the drool (off the shotgun . . . I don't want the bonnie Scot testy . . . he'd blame his missed shots on the envious slobber on his fine shottie) . . . I'l reciprocate, of course Roper :D
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  13. That does sound fun, but jesus, don't spare the gun talk on account of me. especially if we're talking historic firearms. I'd vastly prefer to shut up and listen to a bunch a guys talking about guns, their history, why they prefer one over the other, talking smack about who can and who can't shoot etc than talking about fly fishing gear, let alone politics etc...PLus I'd have to be kinda stupid to piss someone off when they got a shotgun and I don't.
  14. You should talk! How about that RBL of yours? You bring your RBL and I'll bring my guild gun; Boot, i've got a few doubles you can try as well. Sounds fun; let's do it!

    And Jim, you assume I'd actually miss a shot?:eek:
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  15. Either that, or I assume the birds will be flying, lol . . .
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  16. Ah, the cruelty of friends:eek:
  17. For real? The trap shoot, I mean. I hunted deer as a kid and intended to take up bird hunting, but never learned wingshooting. I have a sweet 16 SxS but was too embarrassed to go to the local trap range because I can probably only hit the broad side of a barn and slow intruders if necessary.
  18. Heading to Cooke Canyon on Sunday. If interested pm me
  19. Bet I can out-miss you, Alex . . . Hank quit giving me "The Look;" he was getting facial cramps . . .
  20. 5 Stand at Kenmore...every Tuesday night....

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