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  1. Boy, have I been there with our first Golden, Aspen. She'd "tisk" her teeth on the first duck we'd miss, and on the second, she's actually swim out into the deeks, and bring one back to drop at our feet in the blind. She'd snick her teeth, roll her eyes, sigh, the dog had NO shame!!
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  2. So well said! Thank you.
  3. Absolutely none of which has anything to do with Newton, Connecticut; which has fueled the current political fire and emotive angst over gun control....which happens to be the subject of this particular thread.
  4. "tell the people something often and long enough, and they'll believe it to be the truth." That's a paraphrase, but I believe it was one of Hitler's henchmen, Himmler perhaps, that made that statement. In the current anti-gun fever contagiously spreading across the USA, the pseudo science that goes into the arguments tends to fall under that principle 99% of the time.
  5. "Folks are offing themselves. Good, decent folks with guns (those are your guys) get it done in less than a second."

    1) Suicide is a terrible thing.
    2) There's only one person responsible for a suicide.
    3) Exactly how does the suicide cause society any expense? (The only ones I can think of would be the funeral. Doesn't the family usually pay for that?)

    Sounds callous, but then again claiming that ALL of society somehow receives a higher health or public safety bill as a result of exercising that protected 2nd Amendment right is also completely disingenuous IMHO. No one, from the pundit to the politician, has ever shown me the statistics or flowchart and invoices to prove that propaganda.
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  6. Some more musings... one that you won't see on MSLSD. Kennesaw, GA is swinging the pendulum too far, but at least it's swinging it the right direction.

  7. This thread may successfully draw a bunch of cool folks together...for that I'm grateful and interested. Hope there is an outing of sorts to follow!
  8. I have have worked in Nursing homes and have taken care of dozens of elderly folks with dementia . My wife is a nurse who has also worked in nursing homes treating and carin g for people with dementia.

    I helped my Mom take care of my Dad For 10 years. He was a lifetime gun owner was a Korean war vet and NRA member. He had Lewy Body syndrome a form of dementia and died because of this disease. My wife and I never saw any form of paranoia induced firearm violence committed by people with dementia.

  9. Having a gun in your house jeopardizes everyone under your roof? More like having a gun in the home protects everyone under your roof! You may choose, for whatever reason, not to have a gun. That is your right. Whatever negative views you harbor concerning firearms does not however, give you the right to infringe upon mine! And please tell me how the government having my name, address, and a list of every firearm I (legally) own, is going to have any effect on reducing crime?
  10. Amen!
  11. Something else for some of you to ponder. One of the beauties of the English language is the ability to articulate ones thoughts with absolute clarity and precision. Of course, the person on the receiving end of the communique must also possess an equal knowledge of the language in order to fully comprehend that which is being said. This coming from one who absolutely hated English classes, couldn't understand why I had to suffer through three years of it in high school, and barely escaped with a passing grade!

    So for those who think the Founding Fathers could not have, in their wildest dreams, imagined semi auto pistols and rifles, remember, they were, for the most part, very well educated. The real beauty of the second (as well as the rest) amendment is not only what it says, but what it does not say. "A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

    The militia has been defined as NOT the national guard, since it was not established until well over one hundred years after the writing of the Constitution but rather, the whole of the people. Well regulated? If the government has the ability to regulate what arms the people are to possess, how would the people be able to secure a free state? Well regulated means well supplied and trained. Notice also, arms are not defined at all. Pitch forks, axes, full auto rifles, grenade launchers? In Miller vs. the US, a sawed off shotgun was ruled as not protected under the second amendment. Why? Because it was not in common use by the military of the day. If that applies, then are we, the people, not entitled to possess today's military fire arms?

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