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  1. Hey, Gents, I need to apologize for not being out fishing! As most of you know, I shoot traditional archery, and took her Ladyship to the Moses Lake Rock Shoot two weekends ago. While she has both a linen-backed English longbow and a Samick takedown recurve, she never shot. The short version is: she finds a really nice cedar quiver, mentions to the maker that she'd really like to find an adult bow (she's 5'-2", draws only 26 inches at 24 pounds, and finding anything but a child's bow is very hard). Unfortunately, the guy next to the quiver-seller had a beautiful Dan Tolke bow, made for his wife, who couldn't shoot anymore. The right poundage, right size, and just a beautiful little wand, but with amazing power and speed. She snapped it up. So here I am after three days of shooting in the scablands, bone-tired, sore, windblown, with dust everywhere. We'd finished three of the four shooting courses, all with her new bow, and she's actually hitting things! I just put my feet up, poured a glass of cognac, and lit a nice Man-o-War cigar, when she pops out of the trailer and says "can we go again?"!

    So for a once non-shooter, she came away with a new bow, new quiver, 3 dozen shafts which I'm right in the middle of turning into arrows, plus a ton of other necessary stuff. I'm buried here! In addition, she brought all the other 3-D shooting event brochures she could find with her, and began marking them on the calendar. I'm up to my eyeballs here, and no fishing in sight!!
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  2. Anything after that is on you. You created the problem, enjoy it. (I did the same thing with my wife and skeet shooting but she paid for purchasing her own gun).

    It is great to have a spouse take a real interest in the sport that her husband loves, congrats. Well done.
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  3. Alex, maybe she'd like to try fly fishing? My wife is a hard core fly fisher after a short introduction. Having a fly fisher/fly tyer for a wife does get expensive though, especially when she ties full dress Atlantic Salmon Flies.
  4. Ron, she's got a bunch of rods I've bought her, including a complete Spey setup, which has never seen water! She likes to wade and splishy-splash, but actually fish? Ewww....

    Geez, Karl; don't even get me started on the shotgun... She's an RN, and took care of my dad while he was in the process of checking out. He gave her what was supposed to be my L.C. Smith, then popped for a Dale Tate custom O/U for her, because the elsie was an old gun and he wanted her to shoot more. Then he turns around & asks how I like the CZ he "bought" for me-the one I charged on my Cabela's visa!! (sputter...sputter!!). The Tate's way too short for me, with 3/8" offset, so I can't use that, and the elsie's really too nice a gun to haul out in the field!
  5. Unless she starts smoking your Man O' Wars, no worries, consider yourself blessed. I introduced my wife to fly fishing about 15 years ago and she really enjoys it...particularly when the weathers great and fishing is off the charts. More recently, she also took a class on handguns and we now shoot together. Next up is trap because she doesn't want to kill real ones :D.
  6. She's got so much "stuff" I've ponied up for, it amazes me that she's out in the back 40 right now shooting darts at the plastic deer!
  7. Alex the rock shoot in Moses Lake is a fun shoot. I did not make it out this year.
  8. Sounds fun. You need to get her into bow fishing for carp. I used to enjoy days of wading around the mouth of the Tucannon and the area around the mouth of the Palouse with my recurve, a fiberglass arrow w/barbed head and a hand spool. Shooting smallish moving targets is great training. Way back then (late 70s/early 80s) some ranchers even paid me (minimally) to try to reduce the number of carp in their ponds and shallow lakes in eastern/central wa.
  9. After reading this thread I am reminded of "A Fatal Success", by Henry Van Dyke. How do you feel about croquet, Mr. MacDonald?
  10. Croquet? and of course, it's big brother, polo... Can't say i comprehend an analogy, having never read this work. She came away from the Western States Traditional Rendezvous in Packwood with another two dozen shafts, her new quiver, and assorted "parts" that wait for me to get busy turning them into darts. Quite a weekend!
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