My Best Day of Fishing in a Long Time

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by biker_dd, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Spent this past weekend camping at the Cle Elum River campground and stopped at the Lake Easton Ponds on the way home.

    This was the 3rd attempt at fishing with my daughter this summer, and we finally found success! I am thrilled beyond belief that she was excited to catch a fish (after 2 years of not being interested in going fishing).

    She reeled it in (mostly) by herself, although she got a little spooked once she could see it and I had to help her a little. As far as she is concerned, she caught a fish, and she wants to catch more.

    IMG_0804.jpg IMG_0806.jpg
  2. Sweetness!

    My son is 14 this month..... I wish i was in your shoes again.

    Time goes by so quickly.

    What a lucky man.
  3. She's a cutie! Yes, you are a lucky man, and she's lucky her daddy wants to take fishing.

    Thanks for sharing,
  4. Awesome - great job Dad! I hope she stays interested and wants to keep fishing with Dad!
  5. Love the pink barbie fishing rod/reel. My daughter had one of those when she was young. She's 21 now. She's a great daughter, but man I miss those days.
  6. That's the good stuff, treasure every minute. My baby girl got, married, bought a house and got a real job this year. Just yesterday, it was us out there with the Barbie rod.
  7. Plan set in motion: In a few years she'll row you down the river so you can fish. Congrats!
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  8. Never had any kids

    Some people say I am lucky.

    If they only new what it is like to see what you missed out on.

    so easy to take things for granted,

    I can still remember the first fish of my life and fishing with will she.
  9. Those are the kinds of memories that make a life. I have pics of both of my girls fishing knee deep in a lake for bass when they were very young, They are in their thirties now but I still remember taking the fish off the hooks and teaching them to release the fish.
  10. I had one kid but I never took her fishing. Married into a full family the second time around. Never took any fishing as they never wanted to go.

    The last few scenes of a "River Runs through it" is just about like me. An old man with shaky hands trying to tie on a fly, alone. And wet wading.
  11. Congrats Biker_DD!! I have 2 girls that I have taken fishing with mixed results. My youngest has caught fish (and now she loves fishing) while my eldest has yet to catch anything (and she's on the fence about the whole thing).

    I hope she becomes an awesome angler as she grows!
  12. That is freaking awesome! My daughter's fist fish was a Humpy on the Stilly. She told me she wanted to let it go, so it could go off and be a mommy. I guess she listened to me explain why the fish were all in the river.
  13. Very cool! I can't wait until my little girl asks me to take her fishing. She's 11 months so it may be a minute

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