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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Gary Knowels, May 5, 2013.

  1. Finally got around to taking pictures of the first rod I built. It is an old rainshadow xcel blank that was given to me. 9' 6 weight with basic components. It turned out ok, a few problems with the finish, but that's to be expected. It is a really sweet casting rod with a mod-fast action. Black wraps with medium green accent, no CP on a.matte gray blank.
    uploadfromtaptalk1367783557513.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1367783557513.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1367783577028.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1367783592808.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1367783611191.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1367783623128.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1367783636877.jpg

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  2. Nice job Gary. The Pinks and SRC should be a little nervous.
  3. Nice job. There's 1 or 2 flawed spots in the epoxy, but, it doesn't matter. :) Very nice job for a first build!
  4. Thanks. I had a lot of problems with tiny air bubbles in the finish that I found out I could eliminate with heated air from a small torch. The other flub I had was that I epoxied the real seat hood in at a 15 degree off angle to the guides.

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  5. I just realized that you have used plastic winding check. It does it's job just fine, but it just looks u-g-l-y.. :confused: Next time, something more shiny or gunblack perhaps! ;) Then I'll sit down and say: Yummy!
  6. Hey, it works! Looks good to me. ;) You said its "really sweet casting." That's what counts! With a little estuary and salt residue on it, and a fish on, you'll not even notice the finish!
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  7. Looks great! I remember my first build and it looked nothing like that. Some of the bubbles can be taken out buy sanding it down and refinishing if you want to do it. Another trick is after mixing the finish in a cup. Pour it out onto a plate with aluminum foil on it. It lets the finish thin out and air bubbles escape.
  8. Looks good for a 1st off the bench. It's addictive you know, so you may have just opened up a new hole in the budget bucket :).

    Did you use the lite or heavy finish coat? There are pluses and minuses with both and each have some application tips to get the best results. My brain spent from today's exercises, but if you're interested, shoot me a PM and we can discuss.
  9. My first rewraps were for friends and family. And looked way more mediocre than the OP's pics. I just grabbed the materials and went for it with little or no research. They're all still fishing fine today (some twenty years later). I'd have been proud to present that rod when I started out.

    Heat is great for extracting bubbles. And you don't need a torch!?! A blow drier on high heat and low air will do. Sometimes you can just breath on a bubble and it will rise, pop and level. Making the surrounding environment dust free before hand is critical. A really thin coat of finish (as in thinned with solvent) soaked into the wraps, and then burnished, helps prevent tits and bubbles in the finish coat. It's an extra step, but well worth it. And I think it's more durable too. That and practice! As if you need an excuse to have more rods ;)
  10. That'll fish! While it's nice to have a perfectly flaw free rod the reality of it is most won't notice and it'll fish the same

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