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  1. Late last summer I found a treasure of tying materials at an estate sale. I ended up paying $125 for probably $3-4000 dollars worth of materials, after culling all the stuff that was dried out or seemed to be bug infested. I ended up buying 9 of the three drawer plastic bins from Wally World, so I ended up with a total of 27 bins of tying materials.

    My wife has no problem with me tying in the kitchen, but everything still had to be put away each session. I definitely didn't have room to store the bins in the house. We live in a rambler with a "crawl space" that has a minimum of 6 feet of head room. However, there was only one spot where I could build a room. I am in the process of building a 12 x 12 room. It is located right next to HVAC duct, so I will have heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. An electrician friend is wiring the room for me.

    My daughter-in-law is helping me construct the space. We framed the room last week and the wire was pulled earlier this week. today we put in the ceiling and most of the insulation. Rather than using drywall, we are sheathing the room both inside and out with 7/16 OSB. There are two 24 x 24 slider windows for cross ventilation.

    Tomorrow and Saturday we will do the interior sheathing and finish the insulation. Sunday afternoon we will start sheathing the exterior and early next week we will at least prime the OSB.

    I can just about stand up straight in the room but I will be sitting down to tie, anyway.
  2. Four years ago I moved my tying from the garage to a room made available when the kids moved out. Now I have a roll top desk for my tying, a TV, and HEAT. You're lucky to get the help putting it together, have fun.
  3. Fun mini man cave / tying room. Post pics on your progress.
  4. Pictures, or it didn't happen.
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  5. That's awesome i am in the process of mine in the attic as well quite a bit smaller then yours though, I would like to see pics as well
  6. Not much beats listening to the Mariners lose on the radio, having a couple Mirror Ponds, watching the sunset, and tying some flies.
  7. I will post some pictures this evening.
  8. Great! I too am moving all of my flying goodies from three locations in the house out to our small studio. It's a bit of a chore. Have given lots away and tht helps. Looking forward to your photos. AND kudos to your daughter. What a neat gal.

  9. My stepson helped me yesterday and Friday afternoon. All the interior walls are up now the electrician will install the boxes today so we can continue the rest of the exterior walls. We will install the ducting stuff today so we can close up that bay. We actually got some of the exterior sheathing up yesterday where it wouldn't get in the way of the electrician.

    I promise that I will get pictures up.
  10. The painting is done and we will start on the finish wiring today. The finish wiring itself will be easy, but we have to run a conduit back to the panel.
  11. It's preseason. I don't even watch them this early or listen to them.
  12. OMJ - Quantum physics says you could not watch the M's. You are too busy watching every post that happens here!
  13. You know, I don't really spend that much time here. But I spend lots of time reading some of this drivel. But I don't spend more than a total of about an hour here each day. It just seems like it because I answer a lot of shit.
  14. I got a 10x16 tying room no kids allowed wife stays away to
  15. [​IMG]

    This is my mancave. It's a 2 room, 1 bath, bunkhouse. All mine. Still in retrofit mode on it. Have bathroom painted and ripping up the floor to put new flooring down. My tying desk is already in it. Plus, nice thing, it has that cabin feel since it was built pre sheetrock, so has knotty pine walls. Here's a pic before I started putting my stuff in it (previous owners renters used it as a shop, and left their crap in it).

    This is the kitchen area (where my desk is right now and mini fridge). It's coming along.

    Now IRA, I at least have pics, so that just happened. ;)
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  16. That is legit. My wife is tired of me tying at the kitchen table, she says it looks like I got a lap dance from a flamingo every time I finish up. I'm usually covered in glitter and pink feather bits.
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  17. :D:D:D
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  18. We still need to run the feed from the circuit panel to the "room", but everything else is done. I need to sweep it out today and then start moving materials in.
  19. First inside photos. The desk will sit where the cardboard box is in the photos. The plastic bins are the tying materials.

    There are a total of 5 light fixtures. Each can be turned off or on at the fixture as well as at the switch on the outside of the door. I am using all LED bulbs.

    I still have to dig a trench to run the conduit from the panel in the garage to the tying room. Also I need to cut in the HVAC.

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  20. That is sweet puts mine to shame, good job man.

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