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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Wayne Kohan, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Hyside Mini-max with NRS Longhorn frame with extra crossbar.

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  2. Sweet!
  3. Nice boat Wayne!
  4. Very nice, Wayne.
  5. You pulled the trigger, nice! When we going fishing?
  6. Sweet looking raft.
  7. Cool looking ride. Ours just came in the mail today but have not opened it yet. A Canadian outfitter wants us to build a bench seat up front and a seat for the rower. From the looks of your boat, it will be pretty tight for three people, though they don't plan to fish from it, just use it for transportation down the river. I can't even remember what color we ordered, I think it is blue as well.
  8. Thinking of floating the lower Yakima tomorrow. May fish or not, likely just do a maiden voyage float. You're welcome to join.

  9. It will be tight but doable I'm sure, especially if there is no major rapids. I saw some frames for the boat that were benches for rower and front seat, but I think that would make it even tighter for rowing space. I'm only 5-7 or so and fit nicely. 6-2 would not work so well in my set up, unless the rower would sit higher to give more leg room, such as on a cooler or dry box.

  10. Funny you mention that because that was one of the requests; raise the rower seat to provide more leg room and better visibility seeing over the clients.

    The very best part is I get to fish a week in Terrace when I deliver it this fall. ;)
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  11. Very sweet!
  12. So, how was the maiden voyage? Hope you had a chance to chuck some flies and get a few grabs.
  13. Didn't make it out. This weekend I hope. Again you are welcome to join me.
  14. I just got a boner
  15. Those Hysides are sweet

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