My Opportunity - Scott V2 6'-6" 3wt

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by RogueBum, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Hey folks!

    I have the opportunity to buy a Scott V2 6'-6" 3wt for about $200 or so. I have never fished a Scott rod so I don't know what to expect. Currently, my go to one hander is an RL Winston 10' 4wt. Nice for nymphing, but I need a good small creek rod.

    Worth it? Would I get buyers remorse? How does a Scott cast?
  2. A lot of people like the Scotts.

    My favorite rod in the quiver is a 5pc Sage SP 8'6 3wt. I feel compelled to tell you to hold out for one of those because I enjoy it so much.

    It's the first rod I used for steelheading. Luckily I never caught one on it ;)
  3. I have this rod, and it's a great small creek, light dry presentation rod. It's a little slower than I normally fish, but for where it's used, perfect for the smaller feisty fish. I got it in a trade along with a Galvan 1 reel, which proved to be too small, so I paired it with a Battenkill 1 and power taper line. Good choice.
  4. I take a trip to Montana every year and fish a small river near Kalispell called the Thompson River. It's a 2 day trip where I travel along a dirt road that follows the length of the river from its head to where it dumps into the Clark Fork.

    A great place for small brook trout, rainbows & some fairly nice sized (14"-20") brown trout. I thought maybe it would be a good rod for this.

    I'm a spey caster for steelhead & have only been trout fishing for about 2 years, so its fairly new to me.
  5. I don't know much about 3 wts, but I think that's a bit light for steelheading, this being the steelhead forum and all.
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  6. Wrong place to be I guess...good point. I guess I just came to this forum kinda naturally.
  7. Thaz OK; just thought I'd see if I can be funny.
  8. You keep at day you'll get there.:p
  9. They're good rods but $200 is high. I think I bought mine for $100 a couple years ago. I didn't use it a ton and ended up giving it to a friend at Christmas.
  10. I have been looking around and I think your right Mayfly, the price does seen pretty high. I will probably pass on this one.

    Like Jesse said, I think I'll hold out for something a bit nicer. ;)
  11. A nice slow 3wt (or even lighter) would be money on the upper Rogue around the Union Creek area.

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