My Popper Sea Run Cutthroat Report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by dryflylarry, May 29, 2013.

  1. I got the itch to get out today and take a break from a little fly tying. Cabin fever sets in rather quickly for me. I decided to catch the last few hours of the ebb in a part of Dyes Inlet. I was in a frame of mind of trying some surface action with Leland’s Popper. So, when I rigged up at the car, that’s just what I did. I decided I would leave it on.
    I haven’t fished this particular beach very often, and, when I have, it has been mainly an incoming tide. There’s a nice couple points of land to fish from and the tide runs fairly swiftly. (About a million years ago, when I was a young lad, I remember fishing this beach from a boat with my Dad. It was a rare thing for him to go out cutthroat fishing and I was probably 11 years old and just learning to fly fish. Anyway, the one thing I remembered about that little trip, was (at the very beach I’m referring to) looking over the edge of the boat as we were trolling, I spotted a very good sized cutthroat of probably 18-20 inches just sitting in one foot of water not more than 3 feet off the beach. I was impressed at the time, so, I have been somewhat careful while prowling beaches looking for sea runs ever since.) I wandered down the beach to the first point and began casting with the popper. About the third cast I had a good follow but no littlecutt.jpg hookup. Same thing on the 2nd cast. The third cast was slammed by a nice little fat 12-13” sea run. I continued throwing the popper and had lots of follows from small fish. I ended up landing quite a few, but all were small healthy little guys. In a sense, it was good to see these young healthy fish chasing what they thought was food. Hopefully, they don’t forget about chasing the Miyawaki Popper when they get older! I landed and quickly released many in the 8-10 size range. At one point, I rose a fish that somer-saulted up out of the water over the popper. It was fun watching that. Darn thing was easily 16 inches, but, unfortunately I didn’t feel a thing and he wouldn’t come back for seconds! I only hung out for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours and got tired of battling the wind that had kicked up, so headed home back to the fly tying desk. And that’s all I got to say about that.
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  2. Good stuff there Larry! I love those guys that somersault over the popper.

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  3. Leland:

    Stopped at the shop today, where were you? Bought a couple of nice long handle nets - one for a gift.

    DFL - That popper stuff is a hoot.
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  4. Scott, I was fishing.

  5. Nice Larry! I just tied a half dozen Miyawaki Poppers. Ran out of Mini-Me's otherwise I'd be tying still. Can't wait to try them out this weekend! Thanks Leland, they are fun to tie. How did you do fishing this morning btw?
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  6. Chose the wrong beach

  7. Sweet report, Larry. You know life is good when you have to go fishing just to take a break from all the tying
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  8. I thought you looked a little dejected when I saw you leaving today.
  9. Nice, Larry, I love all of the action those poppers produce even without the hookups. I particularly enjoyed you sharing the "million years ago" part.
  10. Leland:

    That is what I figured, typical of you when not in the shop.
  11. Way to go Larry!
  12. Went out again today (June 9) to the same spot for about an hour-and a-half. Pretty much the same results. Lots of small fish. Another somer-sault action over the popper with a larger fish. And got this nice chunky fish of about 14" on the popper. CT1.jpg CT2.jpg
  13. very nice my friend,

  14. Well, I sorta got the itch today to go dip a line on my birthday. I turned 65 today. Eeeeeeeeeeek! Medicare and the whole deal! Anyway, I didn't go to the same place, but headed out to the Hood Canal. It was mostly a disappointment fishing wise. I used the popper again for a good hour or so, maybe more. Not one follow. I doubt if that has "ever" happened to Leland! I caught one dinker cutthroat on my Popsicle Stick. I did, however, observe about 6 salmon surface that made some pretty good large splashes. I didn't see the sizes. Most were out beyond that range of 150 feet. One or two got in close enough, maybe barely, to reach the end of my cast. I did get a "nip" several times, but I think they could have been the dinks. Nothing solid unfortunately. I was being pestered by a Bald Eagle, so I decided to grab a couple pics. I walked to within about 70 feet or so before he moved down the beach, but got a decent shot. See attached. The old man in the picture on Medicare is me! At least I got out today. I fished for about 2-1/2 hours. Eagle 1.jpg View attachment 29222 View attachment 29222 dryflylarry3.jpg Eagle 2.jpg
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  15. Happy bday Larry!
  16. Happy birthday. I love the eagle pics.:) Who cares if you catch a fish
    with an experience like that?
  17. Happy Birthday Larry and yes, it happens to me - just enough to keep me humble.

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  18. Being on Medicare isn't so bad. That means you have more time to fish in most cases.:)
  19. Happy birthday Larry, you youngster!!! Great eagle shots and looks like a nice day to be out, I wasn't... unfortunately.
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  20. Happy Birthday Larry.
    It seems at your age, eagles have been attracted to you lately......:)
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