Need 2 boats for Yakima Float Sunday May 1st

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. After the FFF conclave we are planning a PHW float. We will be having breakfast at the ramp at Reds, making lunches, then floating for the day. Looks like we will need 2 more boats. So if you will be in the Ellensburg area May 1st with boat attached and want to take a wounded warrior or 2 for a float let me know ASAP. Thanks. :)
  2. Jerry, I can't offer you a boat but do you need any other "support personnel" for this event?
  3. If you wanted to come hang out feel free. I'm thinking I should be ok cookingwise. If you wanted to share a drink around the campfire feel free. :)

    BTW I have one boat now. Need one more.
  4. I won't be able to make it to this event, Jerry. I just realized my daughter's first 4H show of the season is that same weekend. Give my best to the Colonel and everyone else.

    Have a blast!
  5. Ok, thank you sir. I will most certainly pass the message on for you! Wish you would've been there, but I totally understand (literally I do).

    What's she showing at 4H?
  6. Just the usual quarter horse stuff...western & english.
  7. Ah ok. My daughter was all western. Thankfully for my sanity (and my fishing) she switched to Backcountry Horseman with my wife.
  8. Jerry,

    How are we on boats? Tell me that we've got enough for all the PHWFF Veterans that are coming out for the float.
  9. Yep. Have enough and Chucks will be sitting in reserve. :)
  10. Jerry,

    Been out of town awhile and so I did not see this until now. We have a 2-Person pontoon boat that could be used in a pinch and/or if something comes up. I'm working at the fly shop Saturday so I wouldn't be available to row however.
  11. No problem. We should be covered. :)

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