Need advise on Coldwater lake please

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by nwtroutguy, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. I am headed up there near the end of the month with my wife. Have never fished it before. I do have all lines and flies to cover most situations. We will be on pontoons with oars.

    I would appreciate any advise anyone could offer up.

    Thank you
  2. It can be windy as hell. Definitely do-able in a pontoon but don't plan on rowing the entire lake. If you've got a battery/troll motor as backup for the wife, I bet she'll love you forever should that wind pop up.

    I'm no expert on Coldwater, but some of my best dry fly days ever were had up there. I realize most people just pull buggers, but I'd give the dries a shot for the scrappers. If that's not happening, a white or black crystal bugger on a sink 3 or sink 5 will usually get 'er done.
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  3. Was up there a couple weeks ago. Wind was down and was very pleasant. But like was mentioned, can get wicked windy. i stick to launch side of the lake and the right side shoreline. Leeches, Careys and Dragons worked great. Plenty of bugs on the surface and this is one of the best dry fly lakes i've ever fished. I have a buddy that only fishes Red Humpys and kills em. Fish were averaging 14 to 16. Couple up to 18.
    good luck, let us know how you do.
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  4. nw trout guy

    You should have some great fly fishing up there. I've fished it regularly since they opened it up a long time ago. It's nothing like it used to be, but it's still a great fishery. I used to go to the far end every time in my pontoon boat, but back then I had a 46 lb electric and two batteries on my boat so I could make it from one end to the other in about 40 minutes and fish all day down there.. But now I fish out of a normal pontoon boat/no motor, or sometimes a 16 foot Lund so I usually stay near the boat launch area. The left side as you look out upon the lake, down about a mile or so near the outhouse has always been good for bigger fish in 8-30 feet deep. Just depends. And also just past Hummick Rock and a little bit south in 26 feet of water is good too. But you will probably find your own favorite spots. Dark green Dragons fished slow,twitchy, and deep work real well. Go have fun. Remember the wind usually comes up in the afternoons from the boat launch end so be careful not to go too far east so you can get back later in the day.
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  5. It is a long way to the upper end and even further back when the wind comes up. I had a day up there fishing the mouth of the creek that was so good it defied logic. One hog after another on a full sink line. For hours.

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  6. Thanks for advice everybody! I will probably go down as far as I can manage if the wind picks up. I am hoping for one of those epic ant hatches.
  7. I fish it a bit and do better when there is a chop on the surface. Do watch the wind direction. Watch for hatches but I always do well dragging a huge muddler with some sparkle tied in on a sinking line. Or casting it towards shore along the south side. Bigger the fly bigger the fish seems like. Last week a eagle tried to get my hooked fish...a first for me there...maybe was the Merrill lake bandit.
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