Need help trout fishing the San Juan islands

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Vernish, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. So, my first official fly fishing trip in Washington was set to start out yesterday in Winthrop but with the closing of the pass I was left scratching my head. After staying in Marblemount last night I decided on a whim to head out to the San Juans. I am staying two nights in Friday Harbor and have a 4 wt and 3 wt with me. Does anyone know about any stream fishing on San Juan island? I know this is probably a long shot but any help would be greatly appreciated. I am about as bummed out as I've been since I moved to the state today and really need to pull on a trout. Thank you all so much ahead of time.
  2. There are no perennial streams on the SJ islands. Looking for a trout stream there is about like looking for one on the moon. There are a couple decent lakes containing trout on Orcas, but I don't think August is close to prime time. Now if you wanted to go salmon fishing in salt water, the SJs would be a good choice. BTW, there are other ways to get to Winthrop and trout fishing besides over Hwy 20. I think your whim is a fuk up as far as trout fishing goes.

  3. The only trout you'll likely find on San Juan Island is in Kings Market.

  4. Ah well. That would be just my luck. I know there's a way around to Winthrop but I didn't feel like making the 6 hour drive for a day and a half of fishing. I guess I f*ed up though. So it goes.
  5. Vernish, I-90 to the East is the path you seek to follow.
  6. Egg lake on the island holds some trout but you are much better off fishing for the bass there (I've caught them right off the dock there), you can also try Sportsmans lake for bass (again I've caught them from shore around the rocks) and Three Lakes resort on the island has some trout in one of the lakes but again mostly you will find bass there. They also rent boats there if you need one. I think they charge like $5 to fish their lakes.

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