NEED INFO on 10'6" 3/4 wt Highlander

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Thomas Williams, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Looking for feedback on this model meiser switch rod.10'6" 3/4 wt. 4 pc Highlander S2H10634-4. It sounds like it would be an amazing rod for trout. Has anyone had any experience with this rod? Is it it a light enough rod for pursuing trout on the yakima? Any help is appreciated thanks!
  2. Have you asked Bob? He's a wealth of no BS info.
  3. Is Bob the owner of meiser? I'm still interested in what someone has to say outside of the company.

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  4. I have only heard good things about Bob and his company. One day I will own one or more of his goods.
  5. The cork on his spey rods are beautiful. Very nice
  6. If you ever get the chance to see one, the quality will make you drool. If you can get to the Sandy Spey Clave in a couple weeks, you will be able to try a few.
  7. Not to sway you from a Meiser switch rod, The Anglers Roost has an 11' switch rod that's also a 3/4. It's probably not as pretty as a Meiser but is under $100 and has a good feel to it.
  8. I have that rod and use it for trout on the upper yakima and small mouth on the lower yakima, src overhead casting on the beach. Great rod I built it from one of Bob's blanks and used cork grips and reel seat to keep it light. Lined it with a setup from Steve and couldn't be happier. I take it to Montana every year on our usual Missouri trip as well as some other streams. Like I mentioned lined correctly its a great tool. I would recommend it.

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  9. For those that have this rod, does anyone fish dry flies, spey casting it?
  10. I have this rod and fish it often here in Alaska and it has been on the Yakima. I call it the "wand". Also my son, when he was 6 learned to fish with this rod.

    As for calling Bob Meiser and speaking with him , well, I trust him with my family and my home, anything I have. You should call.

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