NFR Need ONE MORE for WFF Fantasy Football 2013

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by golfman44, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Update: We have 10 people in now. I am willing to make it a 12 person league, but not 11. If you want in there has to be 2 of you to make it 12.

    Alright I know I had another thread on this but it got spammed out the wazoo so I'm just posting this (last time you guys will hear of this for 2013, I promise) to let everyone know we need only ONE MORE person to fill the league up, aka this is your last chance to get in. The league is on and all it takes is a free account which takes a few seconds to sign up for.

    We have 9 in right now and can get up to 12 if there is interest -- but we need an even number so when a 10th joins and you still want in, you will have to get another to join with you (can't really do a league with 11).

    First one to PM me their email gets in.
  2. Got our 10th member in! If 2 more want in we can make it 12, but it must be 2 as eleven members just doesn't work
  3. I'm in if you need a 12th man....pun intended.
  4. Alright tinman if one more joins you can be in (you're #11 at the moment)

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