Need some help pricing an older rod

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    IMG_8751.jpeg IMG_3531.jpeg IMG_0848.jpeg IMG_2241.jpeg IMG_6286.jpeg IMG_6393.jpeg IMG_3900.jpeg IMG_9282.jpeg IMG_8909.jpeg Hello, I would like to find out how much this rod should sell for. It belongs to a good friend and he would like to sell it. He acquired it from his father in law. To the best of his knowage it's never been used. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Pezon Et Michel
    Parabolic Skish
    8' 2" long
    Serial 3 7 242825g
    1975 date of mfg.
    Bought at Gordon Lowes LTD of London
  2. Tim Cottage

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  3. Tom Bowden

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    This is a very nice looking rod from a famous rod maker. Follow Tim's advice and get a value estimate from the folks on the classic rod forum. Let us know what you come up with!

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  4. rainbow

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    ...what they said...
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    Great! thanks guys I'll head over there and check it out. I'll let you know what they think.
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    Regarding Charles Ritz: "While we were fishing I kept noticing how measured his every motion was. He flicked his rod exactly as if it were a tack hammer, and he was just lightly nailing something to the wall... The very lightest forward motion of his thumb, as he held the rod up as you'd hold an umbrella while waiting for a tardy bus, and - swish - the line shot forward like something launched from a crossbow, and traveled a country mile in the blink of an eye... Those of us who had thought of Charles Ritz as Baron Bamboo of Amboise, from his long years of research and development of the Pezon et Michel rods..."

    -The Joys of Trout, by Arnold Gingrich, 1971

    In that era, Charles Ritz was the primary developer and exponent of semi-parabolic fly rod actions, and a casting style to best employ it. You might research other writings by Gingrich, Ritz, and others.
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  8. Tim Cottage

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    A Fly Fisher's Life was written by Charles Ritz. It is well worth reading and readily available for pocket change.

  9. freestoneangler

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    Interesting, never heard of this rod maker and don't think of fly fishing when I think about France. The alternate butt cap is unique...wonder why they include that?
  10. rainbow

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    I beleave that's a spike for sticking her in the ground.
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    Looks like 900/1000 $ not to bad.