Need to reward myself with a new 3wt

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Butter Stick (glass) or Carbon, IMO
  2. Today was the day. Redington CT's went on sale for $89 and I sprung for the 7'6'' 3 weight. I had enough positive input from people that own them plus my own experience with owning 3 CT's already to be relatively sure I am going to love using this rod. Sorry to disappoint you Butterstick and Carbon fans but I only wanted to spend around $100 bucks and the CT hit that sweetspot just about dead center.

    I hope to be able to fish by Oct 1 but either way-I'm going to string the new rod up as soon as it arrives and start trying to cast. My right hand is still swollen and sore even after 8 weeks and is still very weak but maybe if I wrap it around a fly rod handle it will remember.

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  3. Congratulations, Ive. Not a big dollar purchase but a great, great rod for you. I got my first 3 wt. this year, after 25 years of jumping from 1-4wt. It's my favorite rod already.
  4. Ive, congrats on your recovery. Laughter AND fishing are great medicine and therapy.
  5. I do not intend to hijack this thread, but all the positive talk about the CT has me very interested. I am pulling the trigger on the CT 7'6" 3wt. as well. But I also need a reel to match up with it. For small trout stream applications, I don't think an expensive reel or a great drag is all that necessary. I am leaning towards the Sage 2200 or perhaps a cheap clicker. Any thoughts or reccommendations?
  6. A lot of us are using the Redington Drift 2/3 clicker. Retails for $100. I have two, one for the 1 wt, one for the 3 wt. The only problem is that I have a TT3F on one of them and could only fit about 25 yds. of backing. My DT2F is no problem. Otherwise it's very light and a good tool.

    I think there is a Drift 3/4 on the auction site now. Last time I checked it wasn't getting much of a bid. That might work.
  7. Rod, I'll be using the new Orvis Battenkill click pawl reel of my 3 wt. They are dandy little reels with a nice song-about $100 the same as the Drift. Works well on my 2 wt also.

  8. Thanks for the suggestions LC and Ive. Went to the auction site and found the 2/3 Drift for $80 + free ship.
  9. You are all set Rod. Time to plan a trip to the St Joe to field test those new toys. See you guys there the week of Oct 5-11!

  10. I have the TFO one on my 3wt. Not sure if they still make them. It was one of the first of the new click/pawl reels. CFO or drift might be better.
  11. I doubt you'll be missing that backing... I just tried my Drift 5/6 on my 8' 3wt Scott Eclipse, casting Rio Gold WF5 tonight. That 5/6 is one badass 4wt reel! The stiff 3wt with a 5 line was very fun on the East Gallatin.
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  12. Why do you need backing on your 3wt? I've never seen it on either my 3 or 4 (and there have been a good number of solid river SRCs--and other fish on both of those). It's not like you're targeting steelhead or anything...

    and yes, the Drift reels are really pretty sweet. I hang the 5/6 off of my Lami 7'6" 4wt and it balances it out perfectly.
  13. Ah, you never know when one of those crazy crappies will spool ya :eek:. I like to load up all my reels if for no other reason than to help reduce line coiling. Plus, sometimes I back up to get a lot of line out if I'm fishing a sinking polyleader or tip.
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