Netters out in Puget Sound

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  1. Don't want to start a bashing of the native's thread just an FYI for those fishing humpy hollow and all points north. Things may be a little slower in the sound and S rivers for pinks this year. 4 purse seiners setting nets amoungst the 500 or so boats fishing south of Mukelteo in the humpy hollow area. Never have I seen them south of Mukelteo.
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  2. I was unaware of the netting, but I came home early from my San Juan's sailing trip to fish here.
    On Friday I got skunked as did hundreds of people who ventured out onto the sound that day. In fact I only heard about one fish being caught.
  3. Great looking boat...either the fisheries or casinos must be doing very well. If you're among those who got some good fishing in ahead of them, just be glad.
  4. this is an Indian boat? Strange, I didn't realize "traditional methods" included this type of fishing. Remember when everybody bitched about the Makah using a 50 cal. rifle to dispatch a harpooned whale? Just sayin`
  5. I was told the Lumi's got permission from the Tulalips as all the boats were out of Ferndale. Fishing yesterday was slow but the pinks were jumping out of the water all over the place. From now on I will be running the boat to shorelines trying to find schools to fly fish too.
  6. There are non tribal commercial openings now. I haven't looked them up but they're posted on the WDFW site.
  7. 26th and 27th purse seine 28 and 29 gill net in skagit bay
  8. The only reason I posted is that this is the first time they have been allowed south of Mukelteo. They are definitely Tribal. Their nets go for about 200 yards and they almost swallowed up a couple boats. The boat shown in the picture had about 8 guys working on it. For about $ .50 per pound not much to go around. I hope everyone keeps a level head out on the water as tempers were rising on the radio chatter.
  9. My buddy was just telling me about the great deal the state made with the tribes on the Skokomish... closed to all fishing...for the rest of the best part of the season... except the tribes. Certainly not a fly fishing friendly river, though it could be. Same deal with sections of the Puyallup. Apparently since folks could not play well together last time around, they just kicked one of the kids out of the sandbox... the one without a strong lobby.

    I'm getting to the point anymore that most of this states fisheries are such cluster's I no longer find them enjoyable.

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