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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jmolanoj, Dec 12, 2000.

  1. I have done alittle lake fishing and lost alot of fish. I have never boated one. Had a blast! I am still learning the casting thing and doing fair. I want to try some river fishing from shore probably the Naches and would take any advise on how and what to use. I just got a new pole and am itching to use it and see no reason to wait untill spring. ------Fish on!
  2. Welcome to the rest of your life. :D

    Don't know much about the Naches but I'm sure if you called Gary's Fly Shoppe in Yakima (509-457-3474) he'd fill you in. I'd suggest nymphing this time of year but there may be a small hatch that could you with dry's if you preferred.

    I'd also suggest if your in the region and looking to go about it on foot to hit the Yakima above Rosa Dam. Late fall / winter the flows are down considerably making it the environment your looking for. It's also a blue ribbon fishery which makes it worth your extra time to drive there. Gary's again would be able to give you the applicable setup.

    You said from shore, hope your wearing waders and ready to get in at you'll be much more productive.

    Have fun, let me know how you do.
  3. Thank You Cris, I have been in Garys many times and will try the Yakima River out. The flow in both rivers is low and will give them a try. ThankX again. Joe
  4. Nothing beats taking a few lessons from the folks at your local fly shop to get your casting stroke down and to learn the locations and patterns for your area. Having someone right there to correct casting errors will get you off on the right foot.

    Also, an excellent online primer for the beggining fly fisher in search of trout is Comprehensive, well written and easily understandable. Review and study the material there, supplement it with time on the rivers and you'll be making a quantum leap on your journey into the world of fly fishing.

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  5. Have been doing a little checking in on the Naches and from what I've found I think I'll be trying it out again. The waters are not fly fishing only but is selective gear regulated. Over the last few years it sounds like the river has been coming into it's own with some relively healthy counts of bows from the town of Naches on down and reports of nice cutts above.

    The access seams to limited but wadable. The Yak would still be my first choice but if it's in your back yard then good on ya.
  6. I noticed that someone suggest the Yakima thats a good idea.I am new to this area but little Naches is one place I have fished. Just above the fish ladder is a nice area to try it offers variuos types of water and room to pratice casting. ther are only little trout but they are strong. Good Luck

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