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  1. As a combo birthday/Christmas/Father's Day/whatever gift I now am the owner of not one, but two new bamboo rods. Both are eight footers, 2/2. One for a six and one for a five weight. Different tapers but both agree with my old guy's casting. Both were built by Joe Balestrieri of Redwing Fly Rods back on the Frozen Tundra of Wisconsin. The prices were low enough to allow for two rods and the rods are pure art work. Haven't had them on the water yet but testing in the yard has been encouraging. Just had to share with somebody. Thinking about trying a silk line. Anyone out there with experience with that?
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  2. Congratulations. Which rods (tapers) did you choose and how did you choose those two?

  3. I love my Pheonix Silk line on my Bamboo. Any interest in buying another Bamboo rod? I have a beautiful South Bend with two tips, sock and tube. 3/2 config. it is a SB 24-9 which I'll sell for $150 shipped and looks like it just came out of the store.
  4. Very cool Doug, how about sharing some more details of the taper(s) and some pictures of your new rods.

    I like silk lines on bamboo rods. If you have a chance to try a silk line on your rod(s) be sure to take advantage of it.

  5. If you look at the site the Para 15 described there is the six weight I bought. Very traditional looking and feeling rod. The other rod is a taper that Joe B. came up with. Different feel, with bend all the way down to your hand. He sent it out for me to try and I wound up keeping it as it just put the line right where I was looking everytime. That rod is actually 7'11" as he felt the taper worked better just a bit short. I have some older bamboo I have played with the last few years. A South Bend 290, a few Heddons, an Edwards, a Phillipson, a Granger, an Uslan and a EC Powell. The Para 15 taper is probably closest to the Powell with the other one being unique. Joe B. is a big Pezon fan. I've never cast one but I'm guessing there is some Pezon influence in the second rod. I'm not up on posting photos but the Redwing site has plenty.
    Are the silk lines mentioned DTs? Are there any tricks to maintaining silk lines?
  6. Hey Doug,
    Congrats on the new rods. Hope your getting out some soon. Give me a call when you can get those rods wet.
  7. Mark,
    As soon as it warms a bit we will get out. Currently fighting a case of the crud that is going around. Not good.
  8. Based on the tapers Joe B has focused on it appears that the majority of them have softer butts and heavier tips (relative to standard progressive tapers). That being the case it is very likely that they will respond better to a weight forward line. Particularly a long belly weight forward.

    Many of my favorite rods are in that same taper family and just about all of them in that family come alive with a long belly WF.

  9. Have been casting a Wulff WF 5 with good success on the lighter rod. Haven't really settled on a line for the 6 wt.

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