New boat, Hyde or Clackacraft?

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  1. I know this is hardly a new topic but it seems like it's been a short while since it's been hashed out.
    I'm going to be buying a new glass boat and have not been able to pull the trigger on one or the other and keep going back and forth. I've rowed an older Hyde and a clacka pre-tunnel hull. Can't remember liking one more then the other.
    I'm looking at the 16' WF or the High Side Hybrid. Which one would you get and why?
  2. Mostly a Ford/Chevy thing. I have rowed both, if you blindfolded me I am sure I could not tell you which is which. I went with a Hyde specifically for the G4 bottom.

    Not sure where you will be using it, but around here things get bony in the late summer and fall. The only thing worse than aluminum grating on rocks is listening to fiberglass grind. I promised myself that if I bought a boat I would use it and not worry about it. That bottom lets me do just that, and it slides around really well when things get really skinny.

    If I was buying a new boat-mine was used- I would look really hard at Boulder boats. I think they are the best thing out there.

  3. In a word, Streamtech. PM Derek Young for all the reasons why. IF I were going hardside, I would go with Clack for its unique bottom and lack of aluminum. But look at the Streamtech.
  4. I had a Clackacraft for several years before selling it and buying a new Hyde last year. Both of mine were 16' low profile boats.

    I basically got the Hyde for some of the options that I could get with it - transom motor mount, front seat mounted on a Yeti cooler, enclosed bow storage, to name a few.

    However, after rowing the Hyde for a full season now, in my opinion the Clackacraft was hands down more responsive in the water, and much, much more of a pleasure to row. The Hyde is also harder to anchor (it came with a 35# standard anchor versus a 30# anchor with the Clacka) and the rowers seat/oars are also a bit more difficult to move forward/aft to trim the boat when I have 1 versus 2 other people with me in the boat.

    I looked at Boulder Boats before, and may look at them again in the future. However, I doubt that I'd buy another Hyde.
  5. I have a Clack that has the tunnel hull, but before they were making the "gulfstream" / dimpled bottom, and have never rowed one. Just curious, has anyone rowed both and can comment on whether the gulfstream bottom makes much difference?
  6. I have a 2007 16' Clack SSG model with the Gulf stream bottom. I replaced the standard Cataract oars with Sawyer Square top Dynelites & Cobra oarlocks. After rowing a friend's older pre Gulf stream Clack w/standard oars, I was sure glad to get my boat back! World of difference!
  7. You can't beat the customer service from Clackacraft and they are the boat builder I chose.
  8. They're both good. I'd try to row both before purchase to see what fits your style. Hyde builds a tougher boat, but both boats are plenty tough. I've had Hydes and a streamtech, both are nice boats but you can't replace a drifter with a raft without losing some creature comforts of a drifter.
  9. Do you know if Hyde is able to ad the G4 bottom to an older boat that doesn't have one?
    The boulder boats are interesting, but I am intimidated by something that hasn't been tested by time.

    Hey Bill, I've actually got an Outcast Pac 1400 in the fleet, not as nice as the streamtech but been good to me. Unfortunately I've decided I *need* a hard boat to accommodate certain expectations.

    Lots of people saying Clack'. That seems to be the majority opinion on the internet.
    Most of my local friends and guides row Hyde's. One is getting a Willie.
    I haven't gotten to see as many Clackacrafts in person.

    I really have to get behind the oars of one of the dimpled and tunneled Clacka's now.
    It seems like it really makes a real world difference?
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  10. You can retro fit Hyde's 1997 and newer with a G4 shoe.
  11. I row a 16WF Clack. No way would I want the noise and cold of an aluminum boat, and the dimpled bottom hauls ass when you want it to! Love my Clack!!
  12. That's a damn nice boat Alex.
  13. Dave Roberts, river guide on the upper Rogue, & I row Clacks, Grants Pass guides row Hydes. WIllie, Fishcraft, Alumaweld, Bolton & a few other boat builders are here in the valley. Needless to say, tin boats are popular here on the Rogue.
  14. The Rogue boasts one of the best variety of best variety of boats I've ever had float by me. In a day you see rafts, catarafts, fiberglass and metal. And usually at least one drool-worthy wood boat. It's certainly a case study for "what you believe in the best will work the best" kind of place. Everyone I ask up there just tell me to get a Willie.

    Did you have a different boat before your Clackacraft?
    I am really curious about them.
    For me there would be a more significant cost difference but those that have them love them.
  15. My first boat was a well experienced home built woodie, which I had for about three years. Did some minor mods to it. Then sold it & bought a 15ft cat.(used) Did the wild & scenic section once & then sold the cat. Bought a Bucks 9ft Bronco & an EZ Loader, which allowed me to carry the toon behind the motor home while towing a Suzuki. Took that rig to Smithers in 07. Found the Clack used on the way home. Too good a deal to pass up. The toon & EZ lift have been in storage ever since. I really ought to get rid of them.

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  16. Thanks, Jesse; we love her!

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