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  1. Decided to take an overnight break/excursion from the retirement life, and headed over to stay overnight at Dosewallips State Park Sunday until Monday. As my girl-friend and I sat drinking wine from Campsite #98, we spotted a small nest up in the top of a cottonwood tree on the opposite bank but upstream from our campsite. At first we thought it might be an osprey nest, then we spotted movement and two eagles. One ruffled it's feathers a few times and flew off, only to return with a 3 foot long branch to jamb into the nest. It wasn't a very large we continued to watch. We watched for probably two hours as one of the eagles (or both traded turns while the other sat on the nest--we weren't sure if they had a couple eggs in there or not yet). In that amount of time, the eagles brought in about 5- 6 branches to the nest. Seemed rather slow, as we sat and joked--- "Ah Martha, do I have to go get another branch before the sun goes down tonight?!" Anyway, the next morning, I decided to call and report it to Washington Fish & Wildlife. I got a nice email back today thanking us and confirming we were the 1st observers of a new eagle nest being built, which was not in their database. So now, we're celebrities! Sorry I don't have any pics. If anyone is heading that way, stop and check out the new nest. It is located approximately 350 feet east of Highway 101 on the north riverbank in the top of a cottonwood tree. There are two cottonwood trees located side by side there. You can observe them from the south side of the river from the campsite road there. Enjoy.
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  2. can I get your autograph ? now that your famous...
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  3. Absolutely!! Didn't I give you one before?!!!
  4. Yeah you did,But in these ecomomic hard times I had to sell it for gas money to go fishing!!!!
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  5. Thanks for the hedzup, eagle-eyedryflylarry! I'll have to stop off and check it out on my next trip up the Canal.

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