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  1. Hi All,

    We have adopted a 7 year old male English Springer Spaniel. We have overcome the loss of our last dog(lymphoma) and knew this was the right time. He is a sweet boy and loves people and hopefully loves the water!

    This is our first Springer, so if anybody owns one and could chime in, we would appreciate it.

    Thanks Monty.jpg
  2. Good looking dog. Hope he's as much fun as he looks.
  3. Congrats on the new addition!

  4. I got my first Springer 2 years ago this month. I think you will be very happy. Here is a picture of my Springer, Wyatt, sporting his Sage trucker hat.

    I got him when he was just a puppy but I have to say, he has been the best dog I have ever owned. I never had any problems with behavior with him. Not a chewer, digger, or biter.

    I will admit, I don't hunt ducks or pheasants but I do hunt grouse. I know there are some opinions out there on guys like me owning hunting breeds but not hunting them regularly. I do hunt him and train him but he is a much better fishing buddy and a loved member of my family.

    I have two kids that are 7 & 8. He has been the best dog for them as well as he is fun loving and mild tempered. Loves to play, loves to hunt, loves to fish, loves to camp, 100_7097.jpg and loves lounging on the couch watching TV with the family.

    So, I will chime in and state that I think you will be happy with your new Springer. I do know that they love water and its hard to keep them out of it. I wouldn't want to keep him out of it anyway. Overall, I can honestly say that Wyatt is the best damn dog I have ever had. In fact, I think I have talked the wife into getting another.

    Good luck and enjoy the new member of your family.
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  5. I had one growing up. He was the sweetest dog ever, but dumber than a bucket of rocks. Seriously, the stupidest animal on the face of the earth. He once ate a mattress, a whole bag of charcoal, and a wall.

    However, I don't think they're all that dumb. Congrats on your new pooch! I adopted a Brittany 3 years ago and she's an incredible dog.
  6. Good for you! The only way were we able to overcome the loss of our dear Border Collie German Shepherd mix 10 months ago was to adopt a four year old Border Collie Aussy mix.

    I love dogs.

    They are part of who I am.

    My very good friend, Rocky (he shows up in a lot of my fishing photos) had a Springer named Bree. She was his hunting dog. Of course she wasn't as smart as a Border Collie but she was no no dummy dog. She was a sweetheart and tops in my book.

    My other good friend and fishing buddy, John (he also shows up in a lot of my fishing photos) and his wife raises AKC Brittanys professionally. They are also part of Brittany Rescue so his house is always full of bird dogs in different stages of life. (if anyone is looking for a Brittany, send me a PM)

    At one time we tied flies at his place.

    I can tell you this about bird dogs -- they will grab a number one Metz neck when you're not looking. I speak from experience :)

    Enjoy your new family member as I'm sure he will enjoy you.
  7. Congrats! You both have years of enjoyment ahead of you. Dad owned Springers & loved them.
  8. Congrats. I love dogs. We have two now. A 195 pound Newfoundland and a 10 pound Chihuahua. The two size extremes of the dog world. We lost our Border Collie last spring at 17 years old. She was an amazing animal and I am now thinking of getting another dog to fill in where she was. We need a mid-size dog having both the full size and compact versions covered.
  9. My daughter has a Chihuahua and it has adopted me. It follows me all over the house. When I watch TV or beat on my lap top she sits in my lap. I'm thinking of taking her along when I go fishing this summer. She is small. Weigh's in at about 2 lbs. 3 if she just ate.
  10. I grew up with Brittany's, and found my current Brittany through the american Brittany rescue. They run a wonderful organization
  11. I grew up with a springer--one of the best dogs ever. She loved to hunt, but she was also a scavenger.

    Funny story (parental warming--it's also a little gross): I grew up in a small farming community in rural Michigan. The farmer next door had a problem one winter and lost several calfs to some sickness (actual cause escapes me, but then again it was almost 30 years ago). Starting about spring thaw, we would regularly wake up to a smiling dog sitting on the porch next to some part of a dead cow (usually a leg)…yup, she was a digger...
  12. IMG_5821.JPG IMG_5817.JPG We have had four Springers. Our current one is Maggie Sue. She is three now and is a quite a character. She loves the water and if allowed would be in the middle of every fishing trip I make. The two pictures are on the NF Clearwater in Sept of 2012 She wasn't much more than a puppy.
    She would sit on a rock with me and when I hooked a fish would jump in and follow the fish in to the bank. Once she grabbed a nice cutthroat I hooked and retrieved it to me. I thought it was going to be damaged and I was glad I was in a catch and keep area of the river. But when she gave me the fish there wasn't a tooth mark on it so I released it. She was very disappointed with that. She now has learned to let me retrieve the fish.
    Great dogs easily trained, ours love to run and play but have been content to be a house dog.
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  13. Springers are the best dogs ever, and I've had a few dogs own me over the years. Our furry faced son, Ghillie, is almost 6, and has me well trained.
    The day I brought him home, 10 weeks old.

    Ghillie now, with the ever present squeeky toy.
  14. :) (I wish I had invented squeaky toys for dogs -- I would be a very rich man today... we spend a fortune on squeaky toys to keep our border collie entertained)
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  15. Our dogs play with those toys for about a week and then they tear it apart just to get at the squeaker. They then have a blast having you throw so they can bring it back.

  16. Congrats Jamie! Will he/she sit in your toon? :)
  17. You know, that is a good question. I think for it to work, I will have to fill that space with something and then put a flat surface on it.
    I am really hoping he likes the water.
  18. Hi Ron,

    Great picture!! He is a very handsome boy that has a mischievous look on his face with that stuffed animal.
  19. He's just waiting for me to put down the camera and throw "Mister Pig" so he can chase it down. Yes, we play fetch in the house.
  20. We also play fetch in the house but not without "incidents" from time to time.

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