New fish pic in Gallery, what kind?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Peter Pancho, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Theres a new fish pic in the gallery, what kind of fish is that? Don't tell me thats a Brook Trout!? If so, thats HUGE!!! Where and when was it taken?

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  2. That would be your basic bull trout.
  3. Y'up that's a confirmed ID on the Bull Trout. Nice one, too.

    (Hey you. Yeah, the guy who took the bull trout photo--
    What kind of steamers patterns were you using? Did you use white/yellow, white/red, or black/black articulated leeches? If not, then what?)


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  4. Kudos to the Bull Trout guy! That thing is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Wow nice fish! From the greenish color I'm guessing a river dwelling fish in spawning dress from... Oregon or Montana? Metolius River maybe?
  6. Man, that fish is massive.
    I do believe that fish has appeared in most(if not all) of our dreams at one time.
    My biggest Bull trout was caught in Idaho in a small stream, where they were following the salmon, even though it was only 17 inches, it was a beautiful fish.

    I wonder where that fish was caught?

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  7. The big Bulls

    They Lurk, but they are ESA protected in inland lakes/waters of the PNW. One of, if not THE, most misunderstood species in our area. Bulls have river, lake and salt lifestyles. C&R the Char! Snaped this pictue of an unknown fisher in BC:
  8. That thing is still huge even for a bull trout. Gorgeous looking fish. One thing that really stood out to me was the white tips on the fins, which is always a dead give away of a bull trout/dolly varden.

    Last summer while fishing for trout on an E. Wash stream with a 3wt I hooked one by accident while fishing a streamer through a doop pool. I was suprised when my line took off screaming downstream since I was expecting to just catch 10-12" trout. Thought I might have hooked a king, since they were all over, but after a quick and powerful battle, I brought it in and was shocked to see a 5lb bull on the end of my line. The coloring was a lot like the fish in the picture.
  9. Actually all char have white leading edges on their fins. If you want to hunt the really big bull trout, go to Kinbasket Lake in BC. I've seen several 20 pounders come out of there.
  10. Lake Pend Oreille, Flathead Lake, and the Clark Fork River have always treated me very well when fishing large leech patterns for trophy char. . .

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