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  1. Hello All!

    I am new to the forum and to fly fishing. I grew up in Florida hunting and fishing. I moved to Washington a few years ago and a few have completely drank the coolaid(miss spelled on purpose). I recently picked up a fly rod for my birthday and plan on starting to fish in my area.

    Does anyone know of a good book or video for a beginner?

    Also does anyone know of any good winter spots to fish in the Spokane area?

    If your heading to Florida let me know and I'll be glad to pass along any info I have!

  2. Greetings.

    It is in comic form but I believe the best beginner book you can buy is called "The Curtis Creek Manifesto" from Amato Publications. It covers the basics with a light hearted approach. I recommend it to all beginning fly anglers.

    There's much to learn about flyfishing but not when you first begin. The problem with some beginning flyfishing books is that they flood you with information you won't need... yet.

    This is why I believe the format and length of the CCM is just right for those first entering the sport.
  3. Spokane River is mainly a nymph game but you can get dries to work. If you have the ability to travel I highly suggest the St. Joe in Idaho, go above Avery

    Don't let the bead-swinging-steelhead-crazies distract you on this site, there can be good info if you utilize the search function
  4. I would highly recommend Joan Wolff's "Dynamics of Fly Casting" available on DVD and can be purchased from Amazon.
  5. Thanks Gene!

    I actually found it on Amazon 24 cents for anyone else interested.
  6. Welcome. Get involved in a local fly club, TU Chapter, or other conservation organization(s) in Spokane. You'll be tempted to cross the border and fish ID and MT quite frequently, as others have suggested, but know that you've got great water right in your proverbial backyard to cut your teeth on.

  7. Some guys off the forum are meeting next thursday at steamplant downtown. feel free to join us for good beer and fish-speak.
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  8. Welcome to the forum. I am on the wet side so I can't offer much in the way of where.
  9. Seth, that sounds great. I actually have Tue-Thur off. let me know the time. Thanks for the invite man!
  10. Steamplant on Thursday November 21, we meet downstairs near the bar around 1830-1900. Anytime, see you there.
  11. Being on the west side of the state I can't recommend local waters to fish but I'd highly recommend taking a casting lesson or two from an accredited instructor.

    It's time and money very well-spent!

    YouTube vids can be helpful but there's nothing like a real-life professional watching and working with you!

    And as others have said, get involved with local fly guys through whatever clubs/organizations are available.

    I'd also suggest being a frequent WFF forum visitor and using the search function to seek out information.

    In addition, when you see a post or reply that interests you, don't be afraid to either publicly ask a question or personal message someone.

    There's lots of very knowledgeable folks here and most are very willing to help!

    Enjoy! :)
  12. Hi Seth,

    Welcome to the forum and fly fishing.

    I was a newbie to fly fishing back in the mid 90's. The most helpful thing I did was take group fly casting instructions from a Seattle FFF Federation of Fly Fishers club. It was taught by very patient middle to older aged volunteers. The cost was minimal, i think it was $45 bach then for a 10 week class staring in April and running through the middle of June. It taught the basic fly cast and roll cast. We met one time a week for class and then practiced on my lawn between classes. The hardest thing for me was to learn the cast, so this made my fly fishing mania much more enjoyable. Look up the FFF and see if there is a club offering casting lessons near you.

  13. Good choice!! I agree with GAT on that.
  14. YouTube is a great spot to get started and I sent you a pm with some other help!

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