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  1. Hi all, I am new to this forum. I live in N.E. Washington and I have had the bug to get a drift boat. I see that a lot of you are fans of hyde or claka, but I don't hear much of the RO drift boats. Last year I fished out of a RO with a guide out of west yellowstone and I thought it was a great boat. What are your thoughts on these boats. I have been leaning towards getting a Deville.

    I live pretty close to the kettle river which can get pretty skinny, but I also live near some lakes, so it the RO a good choice?

    Any input is welcome.

    Happy Fishing
  2. ro's are sweet boats. You don't see many because the other boat companies advertize a lot.
  3. I think Shawn's got a handle on it; "moich-endizing". But if you're floating the Madison above Ennis, about all you'll see are low-side clacks. At least that's been my experience.

    Tell ya what I'd REEEEEEEElY like is one of Ross's wood boats. Trouble is, they're so beautiful, I couldn't bring myself to scratch it, thereby rendering it useless for it's original purpose. Looks fantastic behind a rig, though!!
  4. There are many variables to this purchase. Ask yourself what the purpose of this boat will be. The length of boat. What % of time on lakes, rivers, bigger water running a motor ( if applicable). Do you plan on fishing with a full boat or alone, etc etc. To look at all the DB for sale, it would be overwhelming with all the choices and each boat has specific details and obviously their own branded style. Narrow down your choices and start looking at those.
    Give more detail about your reasons and commodities required.
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