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  1. G0020067.JPG G0030101.JPG G0070216.JPG G0020071.JPG Now this report is from last Sunday because I wanted to get this video done to show you guys my experience. Well it was an amazing trip! they had just planted the triploids the day before, the gates open, and plenty of surface activity. the worst part was I forgot my flippers! Not easy getting around in a float tube with no flippers, it's pretty much impossible. There were lot of other fisherman out there coming and going with lots of people staying the night as well. I just went up for the day. So I brought my 4wt with 4x tippet expecting a bunch of brookies. had two trout snap my line and most the fish were taking line like crazy due to my smaller setup that I wasn't used to yet so I was trying to play them out. So the magic setup I was using and some similar ones everyone else was fishing. We got there at about 10oclock and I Had intermediate line on with a size 10 olive wooley bugger as the front fly/attracter with the back fly 2-3feet behind it was a size 14 olive gold bead head hares ear nymph. My back fly was always the same pattern throughout the day. Little after an hour the surface activity really heated up with callibeatis/mayfly's I put on floating line, switched my front fly out for a parachute adams. They were at first taking the bottom nymph then about after 6fish landed on that I couldn't keep them off the adams then after about 6fish of that they went back to the nymph and at 2oclock we decided to leave cause they were no longer interested in any fly. I ended up catching 20 trout. More rainbows then brook trout but the brook were very good in size also. Didn't put them all on the video cause it would have been too long and some of the footage just wasn't as good.
    So please be sure to watch my video!

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  2. Ah, don't you love the moment you realize you left your fins at home? Nice report and great photos, well done.
  3. Nice job!!! Looks like I need to get back up there, it's been way to long.. Thanks for sharing..
  4. Cool report. What do you use for a camera? I have a hard time getting clear underwater shots like you do.
  5. I'm planning on heading up to there for a few days around the 4th. I'm planning to camp and bring my pontoon. I've never fished anywhere other than Whidbey... any advice would be welcome.
  6. New tires for the truck? or a new go-pro?

    Great video! man do I want a go- pro, but I could of used at least some "REEL MUSIC" I love the sound of a screaming reel! Also a few shots of your casting and the line laying out would of been nice. But what the heck am I talking about? even If I got a go-pro I would not know how to put it in video over the internet!
    Even if some were trips, I don't think anyone would say that wasn't "FUN"
  8. Very nice...... you ever fish dog lake
  9. I have a gopro hero 3 that I take my photos with. It does a wonderful job all the time! And sorry for the late reply everyone.
  10. Thanks Mark and you know gopros are awesome and all but if you don't already have the computer to edit your videos then its probably not going to be as fun. But some times all I do is take pictures cause you always get some of the coolest photos that turn out. and gopro has great photo options such as a photo every .5sec and everything in between to a photo every minute. Also the best for moments like fish release is 30photos in 3 sec so you get to catch everything!
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  11. No not yet. that lake you are aloud to use spinning gear, bait and all that stuff so there isn't as much catch and release. My goal for this season is to hike above dog lake and fishing all the lakes up above it for cutts and brooks then also fish the lake above leech that holds cutts and brooks.
  12. Nicely done & great video. Pretty good day considering no fins . . .
  13. Looks like a great time. Loved the video, thanks for sharing.

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