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  1. Called "Low and Clear." From what I gather it is as much about the relationship between two friends as it is about their adventures fly fishing for steelhead.

  2. Came out a couple years ago. Fun film. More character study than fly fishing.
  3. Quick note: one of the two characters in the film, JT, is the son of Townes Van Van Zandt.
  4. I'm sure a few ppl on here have seen it and can pipe in on what they think? I would like to know if it's worth watching??
  5. It's like "The Odd Couple" with fly rods. Two longtime friends, a soulful aesthete who favors spey flies and the swinging ethos, and a foul-mouthed working class fishing machine, share time on a late season B.C. steelhead river.
  6. Oh it's absolutely worth watching. I'm thinking I'll watch it again now that this thread reminded me of it. Just don't go into it thinking it's just gonna be fly fishing porn.
    By the way, if you DO want some awesome fly fishing porn, try Once in a Blue Moon.
    Preview here: Link
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  7. where can you get the hole video?
  8. Amazon has it for purchase for $29.99, or you can get it on itunes for $12.99.
  9. IT's sort of an interesting look at the spectrum of obsession that comes with our sport. One of the characters has given up all other responsibilities in his life to dedicate every waking moment to fishing and being on the water, whereas the other, who shares the same passion, ended up going the family/kids/jobs/'real life' route. it's easy to identify with both.
  10. i screened that film a year or so ago and I've never seen 275 sit so speechless for the entire length of the film. It's the best fly fishing film I've seen in a long time, the opposites of the two guys is amazing
  11. I agree with everyone - the best FF movie I've seen (not that I've seen a lot of them). I bought the DVD a year ago, the web site mentioned above has a great trailer.
  12. the steelhead coalition showed it at Spokane last year. it was good. mike w
  13. I liked the movie enough to take it with me while I deployed I probably watched it 30-40 times while I was out there. granted it was the only fly fishing sustainment that I had but its a good movie. worth the watch.
  14. it is a good one. I liked it well enuf to buy the dvd. mike w
  15. I ended up buying Once in a Blue Moon and watched it this weekend with Virginia. The photography is quite stunning and the size of the trout is the same. Worth the price for the DVD.

    However, I found it a bit odd that the fly angler (one hell of a caster!) didn't wear a vest nor use a net. Considering he was catching very large browns and bows, I think he needed a net.

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