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Discussion in 'Arts and Literature' started by Skip Enge, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. New painting today called "Redd"

    have a valentines show coming up...ain't into the usual cute lovey dovey I was thinking of a different take...Ha! and I painted fish again...been a while! it's small about 6" X10" Redd.jpg
  2. Nicely done Skip. You have the gift!
    Hope to see more of your work.
  3. Very nice Skip
  4. Very Jack said, hope to see some more.
  5. WOW... really nice work!!! I am Imagining this is a 6 feet painting on the wall! : ) that would be really cool too!:)
  6. It's tiny...
  7. Here is the scan of it Redd.jpg
  8. I can post a lot more work but it might fall out of the realm of fishing...but here goes...if it's not something I should post here let me it off topic painting Skip Enge - Moon Halo small.jpg
  9. I paint a lot from my garden

    Skip Enge - Ampersand small.jpg
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  10. I painted this to help me get over a divorce last year...a marriage of 37 kicked me to the curb...fought depression...a broken heart Empty small.jpg
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  11. These are some that will be in my next show Skip Enge - Totem small.jpg
  12. Skip, thanks for posting these...I enjoyed viewing them, very nice work! I especially liked the two chairs and garden.
  13. Thanks...

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