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  1. Anyone else find her professional bio surprising for this position?

    Just a casual observation and discussion.

  2. Why's that?
  3. Or do you mean she has qualifications to run it lol
  4. I guess I mean a fine art background coupled with creative director licensing PGA swag, and a director of a nonprofit visual arts school, translating into CEO of PHWFF seems like a stretch. Was there really no one better qualified to run the national organization? I'm not even suggesting it needs to be a veteran...but then again could we not find someone who has been involved in phw from that end qualified to run it?

    But I see nonprofits make hard to understand hiring decisions on a regular basis.

  5. Paul, you must have read some small bio online, but not all of it. Yes, you're right on her stats, BUT she HAS been a volunteer with PHWFF for quite awhile now up in Virginia. She's far from new to the system. So she's seen how the organization runs. She has the experience running a charity organization, and she's what the system needs to tap into other avenues for donations and the likes.
  6. BTW, she has had excellent reviews from vets, volunteers, and RC's in the area. Sounds like a winner to me. :)
  7. Oh I read all of it.

    Even between the lines.
  8. LOL, well I do know some of the RC's and volunteers over there. She's been involved, not just as a showpiece.
  9. Plus, it's the way of the world anymore, she's probably has more knowledge of the organization then a lot of CEO's who take over big corporations and other "non profit" organizations. I know personally of a very big corporation who's being run by a guy who's never done the job, or any job in relation to it. But seems to be steering the ship ok. LOL kinda. ;)
  10. I don't know this lady or her background at all, so my comments are just generalizations.
    I see NFP's hiring people off the 'B' team all the time as well. They usually don't have the budget to pay for talent, or the board isn't willing to kick down money to keep talent at least somewhat happy and around.

    I've also found the people that generally sit on boards of NFP's are usually the ones that are willing to show up, not so much the ones that skilled and financially saavy. Getting around their sophomoric understanding of complex issues, at times, is enough to piss off the pope.
  11. Here's a link to the announcement

    Unfortunately anymore, even for profit companies hire "B team" CEO's too. I've seen it a lot through my job. Usually they only last a bit, and then they move on. She does have a lot more experience with PHWFF then the last CEO by far. I personally see it as a good fit. If you knew the inside workings of PHWFF, and know the military as well and what's going on with OEF, then you'd know a change is needed of this sort to keep the organization going into the future.

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