New Redington Rods - Voyant, Torrent... Has anyone cast these?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by aplTyler, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hey all...

    Just looking for some opinions on the new Redington Rods, primarily the Voyant and Torrent series. I'm possibly looking at them as an option for a new rod... possibly. Looking at anywhere from a 4-7 wt.

  2. Preston Singletary wrote a mini review in the current issue of Fly Fishing and Tying Journal.
  3. See my F&TJ review for a few more comments. I was impressed with the rod, very nicely finished and a pleasure to cast; an excellent performer. I was recently able to give the Redington Predator a good workout, fishing a 9-foot 6-weight on the beach. This is a fast and powerful rod on which I'll be writing a review for the fall issue
  4. Thanks guys, I read the F&TJ review. How does it compare to the Sage Vantage. Same price point. The Vantage seems like a pretty nice rod (from my 5 mins of casting it). Definitely better than my 18 year old Sage entry rod (original DS... a bit too soft for my liking)
  5. I haven't cast them, but the Voyant and Torrent are both described as fast action. I've cast the Vantage, which Sage is medium fast. The Vantage cast fine for me, but I like rods with a medium fast rods.
    Best thing I'd recommend is to try and cast them if you have a shop nearby that carries all three to find what works best for you.
    I really like Redington rods, but I wish they'd offer some medium fast action rods in their upper end sticks rather then all fast action rods.
  6. I put the cash down to buy one of the other through Westslope. He had a 9' 4 wt Vantage and I cast it and liked it pretty well but I really wanted to cast a Torrent. Jesse was kind enough to order a Torrent so I can cast em side by side. The winner will get added to my quiver.

    In regards to the Vantage, I did like it, and as a 4 wt, it wont be used to throw a ton of junk... more dry fly and lighter nymphing action. I'm looking at this rod to be my go to N. Idaho/smaller water Montana rod. I have 5 wts and a 6 wt that I use for lakes/big rivers.

    I was really stoked on the Sage VXP (which alongside the Winston GVX) was a sweet casting rod. Downside was when I went to buy one my wife found out... needless to say, my budget got cut. Oh well... ;)
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  7. I've been thinking about picking up one of their Spey rods, I believe its the Voyant Model, as I lost my old loomis spey in a move this winter. Only heard good things about reddington.
  8. The Classic trout is not to pricey but is certainly one of the upper end rods.
  9. Sorry....should have been more clear. The CT's are really nice rods and one of the best FF values in my opinion. My comment was direct more towards rods I'd use in the salt. I find the CPX to be just a lifeless stiff stick.
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  10. I've used the Voyant quite a bit, and I really like it. That said, I would also suggest you consider the newly revised Orvis Clearwater series, too.

    I've reviewed both -- I tested 9-foot 6 wts -- on AdventuresNorthwest

    For me, it would be a very close call choosing between these two outfits, but I'd probably give the nod to the Orvis Clearwater -- seems a little more responsive.
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  11. just purchased the Voyant. in a 5wt.
    not bad. on its first real day out, i landed a few nice bows and hooked up many more.
    used an old 6 wt too for that first trip. and the rod did well over lined.
    have to get used to my first 4 piece rod. lining up the dots and all.
    they should put 2 fuji stripping guides on all fly rods. they don't cost that much.
  12. Had to replace an older Sage with the Voyant 9' 5wt and was very happy withthe performance. I am using it for light weight dry and dropers. It is very comfortable casting and more than fast enough for drift boats. I have not had it out wade fishing as yet.
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  13. I just got my Redington Torrent 8'6" 4 wt today... GREAT rod for the money. Casts very well, definitely tip flex oriented, and it has some nice appointments for a rod that sits under $250. It's a step up for sure from some cheaper Redington rods, and I thought it threw nearly as nice as a Sage VXP. Obviously wont have the same resale value, isn't made in the states, and the wraps aren't as nice, but it's a great buy. Redington is stepping it up for sure
  14. I haven't cast a CPX, but the CPS (its predacessor) is a sweet casting rod. The need by manufacturers to always have something new has been the death of many a great rod.....
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  15. I have several CPS's and couldn't agree with you more. The CPX is definately a step backwards in my opinion. Lots of folks referred to the CPS as a poor man's XP.
  16. I was able to cast theTorrent with Tyler yesterday and I agree with him. It is a smooth fast action rod, very accurate at short range. We had it loaded with a Rio grand and it felt just right. After casting this rod we will definatly be stocking the Torrent and the Voyant as well as our favorite moderate action rod the Classic Trout.
    Thanks Tyler
  17. I'm also looking for a new rod (probably 6wt) for SRC/ressies in the salt as well as for other fishing. Would the torrent be a good match for this? Other options in the <$300 price range that are good for salt and can handle the wind?
  18. Skunk's off the Torrent already... First day out on the water and it was a good one. 2 great fish from a local lake on an adult callibaetis pattern up top. Always fun when you can get fish on the dry out of a lake on a windy (10-20 mph) day. The 4 wt stood up well to the wind punching out 45 foot casts no problem. Once again, great rod...

    In regards to the question about this rod in a 6 wt... it'd probably be great for it. Pretty quick action, the reel seat is a graphite/carbon fiber one, and should hold up well... the 7wt and up has a fighting butt.
  19. Thanks for the input. I was really hoping to have a full wells grip and fighting butt, but I don't think that's a show stopper.
  20. See if you can find a used Sage 697-4 XP. That would be a great all purpose salt stick as well as covering other fishing situations.

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