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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. All things entomology will be handled in the new entomology forum now, hosted / moderated by the only one qualified to pull it off. Taxon! Thanks Roger, it's much appreciated.

    Fly Fishing Entomology

    If things look a bit different there, the WFF ads / logo missing, the site links on the right, that site's feel in the header, well, it's by design. Taxon has a fine bit of work there and that should be supported.

    Moving over old topics on the subject is a work in progress which I'll finish up over the next few days.


    Chris Scoones
  2. Great idea Chris. Go get 'em Roger!

  3. This is great. Now when someone asks a "stumper" entomology question, it won't have to languish in the depths of the main forum before Taxon is finally able to answer it definitively.
  4. Another great example of our far reaching resources. Roger, thanks in advance..

  5. New game for WFF. Stump the bug man.
  6. Love this idea.. questions forthcoming. Thanks Chris!
  7. Hi Chris, Leland, Matt, Tim, Jeff, and ganglyangler-

    Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you on the Fly Fishing Entomology Sub-forum.

    Best regards,
  8. Yet another forum venue to further aggravate my feelings of flyfishing inadequacy!
  9. Great idea. I have more questions than money. Come to think on it, I don't have any money. Are these answers for free?
    See, my first question?
  10. Hi Krusty-

    Definitely not anyone's intent. :)
  11. Hi Olive bugger-

    Yes, these answers are for free. Yes, I do see your first question. And, I have more answers than money, but who's counting. ;)
  12. No worry, after 50 years of flyfishing I've honed such feelings to a high art!

    The extent of my aquatic entomological knowledge (and its application to fishing) has generally consisted of tying a few buggy looking patterns, and keeping them in (or on) the water as much as possible. Sometimes it even works!
  13. so...entomology would be.... the study of entoms, right...:D Ain't them those little thingies that buzz around each other?
  14. Hi Alex-

    Yup, that be them. ;)
  15. Shit, there's too much male bonding going on here. Hi, all you old men.

    I looked at that hatch chart you provided and noticed that those bugs hatch about the same time here i n Montana.

    What gets me is when people come to Montana to fish they ask what flies you need to fish here. I just used what I used in Washington, they all work here.
  16. Funny stuff there. Those Entoms make me itch like chiggers.

    Chris - Thanks for making it happen
    Roger - Thanks for hosting. I imagine you were behind this idea

  17. Entoms? Whew, good to know that. Thanks! I thought those were bits of macula floating around inside me eyes, or that I was staring at that "wind map" for too long. Dang! What are all those little black things crawling on my kitchen floor?
  18. Long overdue!

  19. Nice to hear from you, OMJ. Based in the average number of degree days difference between the two locations, the respective hatches average about (18) days later in W. MT than in W. WA. And, as you say, the same flies should work just as well for you in MT as they did in WA.
  20. Need to ask a question on what flies represent. Like what does a Royal Wulff represent to a fish. There's a small lake in the hills out of Dillon(it takes a 4X4 to get there).. The Cutts in that lake go nuts for this fly. I've tried other flies but the Royal Wulff out does them all.

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