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  1. I have been wanting to actually go and fish the Sky for steelhead for a long time I have gone out during the summer a couple times not really working at it. But this year I'm gonna fish it hard , I am picking up a 7wt spey rod for the task. I plan on fishing around the flat at the lewis st bridge in Monroe any tips and other near by holes would be greatly appreciated thank you
  2. You have a lot of time to practice....before she opens.
  3. ...and after
  4. ....and after that as well
  5. What they said... :oops:

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  6. i know the river pretty well, there is alot of access if your willing to park at many of the public areas and hike away from all the gear guys. With that being said i only fish the sky when i dont have the oppuruntiy to run up to the skagit/sauk or stilly.

    Alot of people i noticed this year treat the river like complete dog chit
  7. ^ said everything I was going to. I fished that river since I was a little kid and it does hold a fair number of nice fish. The river has alot of pressure, but it seems only in areas of easy access. If you hike away from roads, you'll find some good stuff. That being said, I went 17 days in January without one fish to the beach despite hooking one and a handful of grabs ( but I did find a 24" Bull Trout, my largest to date). Summer fishing has a tendency to be better, and if the water isn't at 25K in June, you might even run into some gnarly late winters. Be advised, the river has alot of assholes in jet boats and car break-ins can be common ( lost a window to those dicks last winter).
  8. Myself and a few friends have experienced this. Also got a tweaker busted by the local sherriff while he was in the middle of dismantling a fisherman's truck of parts.

    The sleds are becoming very tough to deal with. At one time, I seemed to be able to coexist with them just fine. One guy in particular has become very, very bad about intentionally pissing off bank fishermen in his spots to get them out.
  9. It will be even worse this summer when one million slime rockets show up. The amount of litter left behind on all our local rivers and beaches by so called "anglers" is ridiculous.
  10. +1. I carried sooooooo much garbage out of my favorite slimer spot in 2011. Almost every trip. And this is about a 1mile hike out with it. The worst was the guys who would do overnighters and leave piles of beer cans.
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  11. thats awesome you got them caught. I wasn't so fortunate. I reported it to the Sheriffs Office and they seemed fairly uninterested in doing anything.

    The sleds are the worst, in the last couple years of fishing that river I cannot remember one sled that was respectful of me or other fisherman (especially fly fisherman it would appear). My favorite thing is when they race past me at near full speed then drift down inches from my rod tip trying to be all friendly and shit. I've had guys cast there eggs and worms essentially at my feet while complementing me on how far I can cast ( which isn't what I would call impressively far)
  12. Pop off a few rounds of ur 45
  13. Thank you for tips I feel I can go out and fish with confidence, do you think scouting areas before the season is a good idea or will the river just end up completely different by the time the season starts
  14. The water will be high the next few months until snow levels are gone.

    June-oct is great time to fish for pinks and summers while scouting for next winter. Pinpoint buckets, drop off, boulder runs, fingers, flats and things that you may not see when the river is 2000 CFCs compared to 4000+ during the winter

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