New to the area, NEED HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IdahoTrout, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Hi everybody I am new to seattle and new to fly fishing. I have been spinner fishing my whole life in Idaho but have wanted to fly fish since I can remember. I finally have bought a nice setup and now being in Seattle I wanted some good semi close suggestions that a beginner with a 5 weight rod can practice and have some fun??

    Also If anyone has any good suggestions about anything or if anyone would be willing to take a beginner out on the water I would pitch in for cost and would be very appreciative

    Thank you.
  2. First let me say welcome. I am a little new myself, and am probably going to be targeting the middle and south fork of the snoqualmie soon. If you have the weekends available let me know. Again welcome.
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  3. Hey Guys,

    I'm on the dry side of the mountains but won't mind meeting somewhere in the middle sometime to wet a line.

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Danielocean how far away is the middle and south fork of the snoqualmie?
  5. While there's lots of freshwater options in our area, IdahoTrout, don't forget the salt! 6 million pinks coming our way later this summer (not to mention coho and SRC!)

    Welcome to the area, the forum and the fishing!

    Tight lines,

  6. Yes I read that last night, thank you. Would a 5 weight be adequate or would I need to get another set up?
  7. IdahoTrout,

    Welcome to the forum and the state, for the pink run I would suggest moving up to a 7 wt for the salt or if your going to be fishing for salmon at all on the fly.
  8. As far as another setup to target a wider spectrum of fishing, I would highly suggest an 8wt setup. This enables you to go after those pinks if you want to and then winter steelhead. Just a thought. I also have an 8wt rod that I would be willing to let go for 50 bucks. As far as your question about Snoqualmie river distances, I would think that depending where you are in Seattle you are about 30 minutes to 45 minutes away. Maybe just maybe an hour. Pm me if you need any help with anything.

  9. IdahoTrout,

    Here is an answer to your original question: The three forks of the Snoqualmie, located off I-90 near the town of North Bend are wonderful dry fly streams with smallish trout. The Cedar River runs from Maple Valley to through Renton to Lake Washington. These streams are all in King County and within and hour or less of Seattle

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  10. Thank you so much that is so helpful! I will have to check those out when I get back in the states next week!!!
  11. Re the pink run, which I'm yet to fish but planning to this year... I can't imagine a humpy would run much hotter than an Alagnak River silver - and a few years ago I was handling big 6-8 lb silvers on my TFO TiCrX 6-weight just fine.

    A good fast action six-weight with an overloaded shooting head line is the perfect "beach cannon". I'd save moving up to an 8-weight for if and when you catch the steelheading bug.
  12. Thank you all for the help and great suggestions! I have been jones-ing to fish because I am actually anned from fishing till september in Idaho.

    When I moved to Washington I got an Washington State drivers license because of course I was living here now. So I went home to Coeur d' Alene for some fishing and camping and I needed to get a fishing license, I walk into my local outdoors store and I hand them my Washington drivers license and ask for a fishing license. After I get my license I am happy and I go on my way to meet up with my friend to go fishing, I meet him at the dock and before we go out I am making a few work calls in the boat while he drops a line in the water off the dock. As I am on the phone a fish and game officer comes up and asks us for our licenses, of course I comply even though I was not fishing and he says "wait a minute you have a Idaho resident fishing license with a Washington state drivers license".

    So to make a long story short the women at the sporting goods store gave me the wrong license and I went to court and lost. I got band from fishing for a year and a half and had to pay a $600 fine.
  13. As that article link mentioned, Lincoln Park is a great place to fish for pinks.
    The added bonus is you'll get to meet 200-400 new angling friends ;).
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  14. LOL! Exactly why I haven't fished the pink run yet, and will do so this year from the safety of my boat! :D
  15. 200-400 does seem a little crowded haha
  16. Ouch!!! :eek:
  17. Somebody else makes a mistake and you pay the price...........That ain't right. But you have to take into consideration when you bought your license that you should of checked it out before you paid for it.
  18. You are right, I should have and will from now on!! It never even occurred to me to check it before now.
    I admitted that to the judge and try'd to get it down to six months but it didn't work.

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