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  1. I've been thinking about getting a fiberglass rod for small streams as of late. I know nearly nothing about them and finding info on them hasn't been that easy. Essentially I want to get a glass rod for small fish in small water for as cheap as possible while still being a decent rod. Anyone have advice for me?
  2. Eagle Claw, cheap and fun.
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  3. Should I look for a new one or go "vintage"?
  4. It seems difficult to find vintage rods in the smaller weights. I looked around and eventually found a Phillipson that's rated for a DT6.It needs a little work, but for $6 is was a deal.

    Those Cabelas 50th anniversary rods were nice, and they replaced them with another nice looking model glass rod that's about $150. My guess is that there will be some sort of sale between now and Christmas.

    Or you could skip glass and go straight to grass.
  5. Well it is legal now......

    Maybe I'll look around this winter to see what I can find in the vintage game. I can't imagine needing it until next summer anyways.
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  6. The Eagle Claw is a poor example of a glass rod. There is the "S" glass which is a little quicker action like Steffen Bros. or there is "E" glass which is a very slow action like Mc Farland and Lamaglass. There are also glass/graphite blends like the Cabela's. Also W.W. Griggs has a blend VINTAGE rod that looks like bamboo. The newer glass to me is so much nicer to fish with than the older stuff and yes I have both. The newer is lighter and you have a better choice. The older is lacking in number of guides and some to the point of hinging. You want a glass rod you can roll cast 40 to 50 feet with.
    I would say, don't go to cheap as there is a lot of garbage out there. You want to fish glass, get one3 that has the same pluses as a graphite. One you will enjoy for years. Or go for one to just get by...your choice.
  7. Gary, I have a honey glass and Steffen. Maybe we should talk. Either could be yours. I just have too many rods for my limited space.
  8. Got any bamboo that needs a new home?
  9. First off, I know alot of people who started out flyfishing with a Sweetheart (well, an older Eagle Claw anyways). So don't let ANYONE tell you they're garbage (one guy who DEFINITELY has the money to buy a super nice new glass rod still uses his). I still was using an old Eagle Claw multipiece pack rod for years (metal ferrules). There's nothing wrong with an old glass EC. Just remember, they will have metal ferrules. They cast fine, and play fish fine. I was always a Fenwick guy, so when I could afford to pick one up, I did. So what EC's I had were discarded pretty quickly. Only because we were a Fenwick family, and you weren't fishing back then unless you had a Fenwick. LOL. Seriously though, I caught ALOT of fish on old Eagle Claws. They weren't a bad rod if you find a vintage. Blanks were almost the same color as the original Fenwicks (a lighter almost tannish brown).

    And yes, you'll be hard pressed to find any "vintage" glass rod under a 6wt. I don't think I've ever seen one under that range. But look around, you will find glass rods in a reasonable price range.
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  10. I don't think the Eagle Claw that Blue was referring to was the old EC's. The new Eagle Claws are Chinese junk. Not even close to being in the same league as the original yellow glass ones. I bought one a few years ago, butt over tip, the guides were all the same size and it was short a few also. Worst hinging rod I ever casted. For $25, it was way over priced and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
  11. Thanks mojo. I was referring to the Walmart special. When it was called cheap and fun. Vintage is great.
  12. If you are going to take some time and look around I recommend checking out The Fiberglass Manifesto. Cameron and I shared a TU chapter together and he is an authority on fiberglass. He is a Glass Geek, he post reviews and even sells the old time eagleclaws on his webpage for 40 bucks basically at cost since they are so hard to find these days.

    If you also go on there and search for Cabela's he has reviewed the complete lines of glass that they offer as well.

    If you are interested in Fiberglass at all I highly recommend checking out his website at
  13. I agree totally, although there are a few on FM that know about glass. I have fished the Provo with Cameron. Great guy all around. Plus I won the Scott F2 there so I love that forum...LOL
  14. Very nice I never got a chance to fish with him but my wife is trying to build me an heirloom glass rod so we have been picking his brain for blanks and rod makers. He is a wealth of knowledge
  15. Are there any glass blanks available in the $40-60 range?
  16. I knew she meant the new ones. Only problem she just said EC. Which is why I expanded. .would be a disservice to those looking for a glass rod and bipassed a nice old EC.

    Cameron is a great guy. Have known him since the beginning days of his original forum. It's a great place to get info and deal in glass and reels.
  17. And again my reply was based on the second post. When you mention the metal ferrules,that was a different ball game.
    Very few own them but a bunch own the Walmart special.
  18. Very few own what? Vintage EC? Come up to the NW and you may change your tune. And the post right after the EC he asked old or new EC. .Again why when I saw your post I clarified. We were (and still are) a Fenwick family when it comes to glass. But did use a lot of EC and Wonderrods.
  19. Well now, wonder rod is a new ball game. I too have a bunch of the older Fens.
    And post number four says what I said...Just a miss understanding. Funny thing is we both agree, old EC=good, new EC = ......not so good :)
  20. Yup. Love the old Fenwicks. I finally liquidated some of mine and my Dads. .Down to about 70 (literally). A good chunk were bought new by my Dad or myself. But have picked up odds and ends over the years.

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