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    I moved here in May and am looking for places on the eastern side of the state to catch steelhead and salmon I live in the Tri-cities area. Where and what to use would be helpful.
    Thank you
    Fly rod
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    Fly Rod

    The following web site would probably be another really good place to advance your question. It is at the forefront of Steelheading as I understand it. Good luck!

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jan-18-01 AT 05:14 PM (PST)[/font][p]Travel West on 14 and you've got the Klickitat. Ask right and I bet RBF Excursions Guide Service would give you some good suggestions on applicable flies.

    The Snake is in your back yard.

    ..and, haven't had the pleasure of fishing it yet but the Grande Ronde is said to be the best place in the State to take a steelhead by surface fly. That's during the fall months when the flow is low, otherwise back to your sink tips. The Grande Ronde is around 90 minutes from Tri-Cities. [|Dennis Dickson] holds a fall school there on tactics applicable to the river.

    Fly Rod is right though, Bob's [ |Piscatorial Pursuits] site is excellent for gathering information about steelhead & salmon in the region.

    Welcome to the state.
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    Thank you for the suggestion
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