New to Wa.& Fly fishing..looking for suggestions!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fshflthnkng, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. Hi,been here 2 yrs and am pretty new to the fly-game and love it!!.hAVE A PONTOON AND WANT TO TRY SOME SEA-RUNS OR OTHER OPPORTUNITIES.only have one 6 weight.have tried Pass,Lone,Samammish and a couple others, any helpfull ideas from any of you more experienced folks would be greatly appreciated..ALSO want to get a steelhead/salmon outfit, is a nine weight to heavy??? ANy input on a good DURABLE set of waist-high/breathable waders for use in the pontoon would be great..Tight lines to all,,FSHFLTHNKNG.
  2. what area are you from?, most people here are trout fisherman so I'm sure you can get a wealth of advise from them. do you live on the west or east side of the sound or else where?

    an 8 weight will catch any thing in these waters, got a 5,7,8, have caught most spieces around the state on a fly rod except freshwater trout or white fish on fly. usually only used the 5 wt except fishing for medium water bottomfish (great sport), 6 wt and clear intermiate and a sink tip will catch any thing aroung the sound. tight lines Ben
  3. You seem to be well on your way to learning fly fishing WA.

    A 9 weight rod is not to large for steelhead/salmon. I will use anything from an 8 up to an 11 weight depending on where and what I am fishing. For summer run steelies say on the Stilly your 6 weight may be all you need. If you go after winter runs on the Skagit or the pen I suggest an 8 or bigger. The Skagit can give up 20 plus pound steelhead at times and so can the penisula rivers. If this fish is fresh you could have some problems with a lighter weight rod.
  4. thanx rockfish & kerry..

    Thanx fer the heads-up on line weights...Moved from wisconsin,located in lynnwood, did mostly hard-core walleye,muskie and salmon(great lakes trolling).MISS walleye fillets and chucking for muskies but this fly fishing thing could easily get addictive...(like i need to say that to all you guy's).Tight lines...FSHFLTHNKNG

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